Your car history

Okay, had some time to get this straight. I missed ten (10!) different cars/trucks/vans/SUVs when I typed up that list last week.

So, here is the up to date, for sure, real deal list of all the crap I have drug home over the years.

1. 1981 Honda Civic Wagovan - Silver - Bought for $400 as my first car. I learned to drive it at the dragstrip in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The gear on the cam stripped that drove the oil pump. My dad and I replaced the cam and the oil pump, but never got it running again. It was hauled off when we sold the house we lived in in Tulsa.

2. 1988 Dodge Ram 50 - Dark Blue - My first vehicle that I actually drove as a licensed driver. The A/C worked, it was slow, automatic. Sold it to my brother to replace his junk Maverick. He then sold it to my dad, where it was used at the racetrack. Eventually sold after it developed overheating problems.

3. 1986 Acura Integra - Light Blue - Loved this little car. Drove it to Houston, Texas for a job, drove it home and sold it to my brother. At 210k miles the oil pump locked up on him, engine let loose and it was sold for scrap.

4. 1995 Nissan Truck - Magenta (Nissan's name, I called it purple.) - After returning from the job in Houston, I put a sizable down payment on this truck. This was a fun truck, I put tons of miles on it. Lowered it with spindles and blocks. Got into an accident with it, fixed it. Stripped the lowering stuff off and sold the truck to a guy who took it to California, probably to be exported to Central America.

5. 1986 Honda CRX - Dark Blue - This was my first failed project. I bought it wrecked, planned to fix it and then have a CRX. Although I did get to drive it a few times, I never finished it. Engine still sits in my shop 25+ years later.

6. 1986 Toyota Truck - White - My uncle bought this truck new in 1986. After 200k miles the clutch finally failed and he abonded the track. I replaced the clutch, then sold it to a man who was going to take it to Guatemala.

7. 1988 Nissan Truck - Silver - Found this in a local paper for $600. Ran, but the key-way on the crank was fubared. I welded the balancer to the crank. Then sold it to my dad as a truck to use around the racetrack. Eventually the headgasket failed. I parted the truck out.

8. 1986 Olds Cutlass - Cream - This car was given to my brother and I to build a racecar from. Had the trans built, gutted the interior, had contacted a engine builder, but nothing ever happened with it after that. Transmission is still in my shop. Car was given to a buddy of mine. Never heard what he did with it.

9. 1992 Saturn SC - Red - My girlfriend (now wife) needed a car after she missed one too many payments on her Cavalier. I bought this one for $1,995 from an individual who had listed it on a website. This was the first car I bought from the internet. She lightly rearended a Grand Cherokee with it at one point, with the headlights up. I fixed it with about a million self-tapping screws and an old Coke sign. It overheated multiple times. I really learned to hate it. Eventually we sold it to a fella that was still driving it 5 years later.

10. 1989 Honda Civic - White - Another car that the wife and I used. I don't remember why we replaced the Saturn with this car, but it was a million times better. Bought it from a family that had it since new. It was slow, fun to drive though. Automatic. We got rear-ended by her brother in it. Fixed it with an old scissor jack and some wood posts. Eventually sold it to my sister-in-law. She drove it until the engine let loose. I bought it back and sold it as a pair with another I bought to replace the engine.

11. 1992 Nissan 240SX - Dark Grey - This was a $250 car with a bad engine. I bought a good engine from a 1995, dropped it in and sold it to a guy from St. Louis. Fun car to drive, but man did it need a LSD.

12. 1985 Ford Mustang & 13. 1986 Ford Mustang - One was maroon, one was silver, I don't remember which was which now. - These were bought as a pair for $100, but I had to drive 16 hours total to get them. Started to build the silver one into a racecar, lost interest, sold both.

14. 1985 Ford E-150 - Silver - Only reason I bought this is for the 351W and the 9" rearend. Sold those off for more than I paid for the van. Then took the rest to scrap.

15. 1993 Nissan Altima - Champagne - Another car bought for the wife. This one was well loaded for a mid-sized car from the early '90s. Dual zone climate control, leather, heads-up display. Again, was an auto. Wasn't exactly the most fun car to drive, but we racked up the miles on it. Sold it after is started burning oil. Saw it for a couple years after that, but haven't seen it lately.

16. 1995 Ford F150 - White w/dark blue rockers - I replaced the 1995 Nissan truck with this. It was my first full-size truck. I bought it from a friend. I once had to change the rear brake hose in a hotel parking lot after the spare rubbed a hole in it. Drove the piss out of it and then sold it to a co-worker of my brother's. Odd fact, that co-worker eventually ran-off with my brother's wife.

17. 1991 Ford Mustang - Maroon - Yet another failed racecar project. Bought it cheap, did nothing with it, sold it for more money.

18. 1981 Ford Fairmont Wagon - Blue - I bought this one on a bit of a laugh. It was $850, had a 351W in it, did burnouts, ran high 14s in the quarter. After some transmission trouble I sold it to a friend. He and his daughter raced it for years.

19. 1993 Ford Mustang - Silver - This one is about as far as I have gotten on a Mustang project. Bought the car, bought most of the parts for a 331 stroker, things were coming together and I sold it. Saw it later on for sale for a large amount of money with a serious drivetrain in it.

20. 2001 Honda Accord - Silver - My wife and I financed this one for her to drive. Great car, never gave us a lick of problems, was a fun front driver even with the automatic. We got into a wreck with a pickup that had stalled on a dark country road. Car was totaled, we survived.

21. 1984 Ford Mustang SVO - Dark Charcoal Metallic (9W) - First car I really took from nothing to something. Bought from a friend who had let it sit under a tree for 5+ years. Car was slow, ran like crap, but I soon figured out the problem. The clip that held the wastegate flapper to the actuator was missing. After that and some upgrades I got the car to run a best of 13.21 @ 102. I sold it many years ago, hated that I did, but finally found it again and bought it back.

22. 2003 Ford F-250 - Dark Shadow Gray - My first adult purchase. Truck was the 6.0 diesel, it pulled great, it ran great, no real problems, until one day, no start. I hate to admit this was during a tough financial time for my wife and I, so it was repossessed as part of a bankruptcy in 2008.

23. 1991 Ford Mustang LX - Grey - This was a running driving 4 banger that we bought for my wife to build into her own Mustang. Later we used it as daily transportation after #20 was wrecked. Started puking transmission fluid out the front. Sold it to a friend's brother. He’s now is a great baseball pitcher.

24. 1992 Ford Mustang LX - Red - We bought this as a parts car for #23. It had been rolled over. Car was a cut and shut. Had a rear clip from an earlier car welded to the 1992 front. Ended up parting it out and never completing #23. Surprise, surprise...

25. 1984 Toyota Truck 4x4 - White - I paid something like $200 for this. Never drove it, but planned to build a Formula Toy out of it, guess what? Never happened. Sold the body for scrap and gave the chassis to a neighbor.

26. 1991 Ford Ranger - Black - After the bankruptcy I needed a cheap truck, bought this for $1,000 from a friend. It didn't have a muffler, was loud, slow and a hoot. It had a rear sway bar, but not a front. So it would oversteer randomly. I got rearended in it, sold it to my brother, who got a DUI in it. He then sold it.

27. 1995 Acura Legend - Black - We thought this would be a great car, but it was far from it. Dealer that sold it to us was an absolute liar. I fixed many of it problems, but got sick of the car and traded it for #30 after we bought #29 for the wife to drive.

28. 1998 Ford Ranger - Red - After #26 was rearended I bought this to replace it from a friend of a friend. Great little truck, had the 2.5 and a 5-speed. Ended up selling it to a racer about a year later.

29. 2000 Ford Taurus - Silver - Former rental. Had column shift, front bench seat. Not the sportiest car, but would absolutely eat up the road miles. My wife disliked it, so we sold it to buy #32.

30. 1995? Toyota 4-Runner - Tan - As mentioned above, traded #27 for this. Was a decent runner, but then it developed a rod knock. Sold it cheap and hated myself for trading.

31. 1992 Ford Mustang LX - White - This was the sought after 5.0 5-speed coupe. Loved this car. Best handling Mustang I've owned. Had many aftermarket upgrades. Ran high 13s. Sold it to have a down payment for #32.

32. 2002 Honda Accord - White - In 2010 we had a kiddo on the way and the wife didn't like #29. So we bought this. Was a well loaded car. Ran great. We put 50k miles on it and the transmission started acting up. Traded it in when we bought #44.

33. 1986 Merkur XR4Ti - Red - This was bought as a project. I got it about 95% done and lost interest. I drove it several times and it would have been a great toy, but I needed something reliable. Sold it and bought #34.

34. 2004 Ford Mustang GT - Dark Shadow Grey - I bought this one from a car lot, they financed it through a bank. Car was decent, but was a little rough around the edges. I fixed the small mechanical problems, barely put any miles on it and freaked out about the payment (a whopping $200 a month). Sold it at a loss. I'm an idiot.

35. 1986 Ford T-Bird Turbocoupe - Black (though was originally silver) & 36. 1989 Ford Mustang - White - Bought these as a pair, plan was to put the turbo motor from the T-Bird in the Mustang. Started the swap, had back problems and sold it to a friend.

37. 2000 Ford Mustang - Blue - This was bought with a bad engine, dropped a new one in it and sold it on to a friend to buy #40.

38. 1997 Ford Explorer & 39. 2000 Ford Explorer - Bought the pair for $750. Sold them for the same. Had a little fun with the 1997 in between.

40. 1985 Mercury Capri - Red/Grey two-tone - Loved this one even though it was an automatic and had the Ford Central Port Injection. It was slow, rusty and ugly. Sold it to a guy in Arkansas that fixed the rust and painted it. He sold it to someone in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Last report I got on it, it was sitting on the side of the highway looking pretty rough. Sad really.

41. 1985 Ford Mustang SVO - Black - Bought it cheap as a roller, bought some parts for it, sold this as a roller.

42. 2003 Ford SVT Focus - Red - This was probably the most fun to drive car I have ever had. I put 21k miles on it over a three year period. Traded it for #52.

43. 1993 Ford Mustang LX - Blurple - I bought this as my first and only internet auction purchase. It was wrecked and I knew it, but from the photos you couldn't tell how bad it really was. It donated a lot of parts to #45. The rest was hauled off for scrap.

44. 2010 Nissan Altima - Silver - Bought as the wife's daily driver. Had 15k miles on it when we bough it and now is nearing 180k. We gave it to her mother to drive when we bought #67.

45. 1993 Mustang LX - Red - Bought without an engine or transmission. Swapped in the drivetrain from #43 and sold it to a friend of my brother's.

46. 1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbocoupe - Silver - This was just a parts car to donate the drivetrain to #41. Sold most all of the other parts to racer restoring his 1988 T-Bird, then crushed the rusty shell.

47. 1981 Ford Fairmont Wagon - Blue - Yes, same one as #18. This time around it had a 302 with EFI. Fun car, did donuts, ran low 15s. What else could you ask for? Ended up selling it to a racer, who sold it to another, then he sold it to guy in a town about 10 miles from me.

48. 1993 Mazda Miata - Black - Bought this very cheap.. Fixed a number of things wrong with it, the sold it this spring for a very small profit. Should have kept it as an autocross car.

49. 1998 Mustang V6 - ? - Another racecar project gone wrong. Bought and sold in a matter of months at a loss. Heard the guy I sold it to crushed it. Bastard.

50. 1998 Mustang Cobra - Bright Atlantic Blue - This was a roller when I bought it. No engine or transmission. Got tired of trying to find a drivetrain for it and sold it.

51. 2014 Nissan Frontier Pro-4x - White - Current daily driver. Bought in September of 2015 with 3030 miles on it. Has something like 173k miles on it now. Has never let me down and I hope it lasts for years to come.

52. 2007 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor - Silver - Got this in trade for #42. Sold it to a friend who swapped a GT500 engine into it.

53. 1986 (?) Merkur XR4Ti - Bought this from a friend. Was a good example, but as usual, I got greedy and traded it off after awhile for... #57

54. 1992 Isuzu P'Up - Bought to get running and sell, never did get it running for more than 5 minutes, gave up and sold it. Was terminally rusty though. Frame was going to buckle if you looked at it wrong.

55 & 56. A pair of Fox platform Mustangs *shock* (years unimportant) - one with no drivetrain and a title, one without a title, but with a drivetrain. Never did anything with them. Sold them separately.

57. 1992 Infiniti M30 - Traded the Merkur for it. Car had been used in film production and would eat batteries. Sold it to a friend's son, he sold it back to me. I sold it to someone else. Was a fun car to drive, just too difficult to find parts for.

58. 1984 Mustang SVO - #21 was repurchased after finding it in a salvage yard in Arkansas. I'm still slowly bringing it back. Might be on the road, some day. Maybe.

59. 2013 Subaru BRZ - You all know the story on this one.

60. 1988 Ford Super Duty - Still sitting in my yard. Need time to work on building it into the ultimate car hauler. Oh and space where you can work on a 25' long truck.

61, 62 & 63. 1972, 1974 and 1976 Datsun 620 pickups - One is to keep, the other two are for parts. I've had the 1974 for awhile, but needed parts that I have scavenged off the other two. Still needs some work to be a driver though. Soon. Maybe.

64. 1972 Volvo 164E - $300 non-runner that needed a fuel pump and some wiring. Still have this, but the owner never gave me a title. Thinking I may build a rallycross car out of it.

65. 1993 Nissan D21 Hardbody Pickup - $800 non-runner that I put a timing chain kit on and use it to keep miles off of the Frontier. Lowered it, replaced the dented sheetmetal and have even autocrossed it some. Fun little truck, just needs more power and an LSD.

66. 1973 Datsun 620 - A friend put me in contact with a guy that was selling a running, but not stopping truck for $500. I am a sucker for cheap junk. Still have it, tough my brother bought it from me briefly, before selling it back.

67. 2023 Honda Odyssey - The first truly new vehicle we have ever bought. Only 3 miles on the odometer when I took it on the test drive. Been a great road trip vehicle that gets high 20s in MPGs.