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Your favourite TG segment/moment (post it if possible)


May 28, 2004
Tesla Model S 75D BMW E39 Wagon
This should be interesting!

I guess mine is when Jeremy is taken out on a spin with Lambos cheif testdriver. Jeremy almost wets himself, I've never seen him that "afraid" :lol:

There are plenty more though, and if I shall mention non-TG segment/series, it'll have to be either "Getaway in Stockholm" 1 and 2 (of 4) and when a Swedish motorprogram takes Dahlbecks 900+hp VW GolfIII out for a test aronud the track. (That car was insane...it's dead now though...) anyone else seen it? (I'll try to find it one the web, then post it..
There are so many to choose from...
The "Darth Vader" bit with the Noble M12 was hilarious, but one of the most memorable segments to me is when they attempt to destroy the Toyota pickup truck. :lol:
Yes, the Pickup one was one for the records...true enough..I' even showed it to my dad, 'cuz he's only driven Toyota his whole life (14 total) and he LOVED it. He said "son; that's what I've been saying my whole life, nothing beats the quality of Toyota) Priceless...
Have you seen Dahlbacks GolfIII? (Still trying to find it on the web and Kazaa Lite..)
there really are so many but i'd have to say the number one memorable moment for me was when clarkson goes crusing in the SL and says, "but if i had a hard days work i would woft home, listening to the sounds of coldplay."

then coldplay song comes on via voice control and he just relaxes in a very nice momnet that i would love to be able to create someday.
Haven't seen the Dahlbacks Golf, would like to though :mrgreen: .

^^ is that epi with the SL, the same one as the one where the Stig steals Clarkson's car, cuz that expression on his face is another one of those great moments.
Top Gear 2002 series one -6
-- Nov 24 -- grannies/handbrake/parking, NSX Type-R, Z4, SL55, Tara Palmer Tomkinson

and this is the one with the stig testing the SL, Top Gear 2002 series one -7
-- Dec 1 -- Peugeot RC concept, Britain's fastest faith, Saab 9-3, Lotus Elise, Rick Parfitt
I saw the grannies one, also priceless (I love the bright heads making up the ideas for original segments)

I'd like to see the second segment you posted, Dec 1.. :)
Haven't seen the Dahlbacks Golf, would like to though :mrgreen: .

^^ is that epi with the SL, the same one as the one where the Stig steals Clarkson's car, cuz that expression on his face is another one of those great moments.

I've found the dahlbacks clip...and if it stayes dl'ding at the same speed I'll have it in ca. 1 1/2 hrs. Can I send it via www.yousendit.com to someone here, so that they can post it in a thread here? Cuz I don't know how to... :?
i have it!

but it's like 42megs, a little to much to upload right now, if it's still necesary, i'll do it tomorrow
Alright, I just finished DL'ing Dahlb?cks 900+BHP GolfIII, and the clip is a must-see for everyone who likes unique built cars that stand out and are insanely quick

The clip is in Swedish, and the first cuple of coments are; "this is insane, and the car is truly a definition of a monster built for the streets"

So; can anyone here help me post this on this thread? I'll for instance send it to you via www.yousendit.com and you'll post it after that. Sound ok? Lets do it ;)
(It's most DEf worth it :wink: :wink: )
^niiiice....I'm already sending it to a person, I'll send you it as soooon as that one finishes. Hopefully in a few hours you'll it. Thx a bunch for voulentaring :D :D

One more thing, are there other "easy" way for me to post it on this forum - that doesn't take forever and isn't too difficult to do?
(Cuz the yousendit page says it will take from 1 to 5 mins. pr. MB)
Bahnstromer, the Dahlb?cks clip is finished sending it to your e-mail adress. Post when you have the time ;)

I know the Dahlback Golf, but it's a Golf IV! (actually just about anything is modded)
That's what the dyno tests says:
Max. effekt motor 527.6 kW @ 5.780 r/min
Max. effekt drivhjul 432.2 kW @ 5.780 r/min
Max. vridmoment 928.6 Nm @ 5.250 r/min
They added a comment though:
Maximum power is reached between 7800 and 8200rpm, impossible to measure because of wheelspin(4wd)! :shock:

Here it is:

more pics:

If you'd like to see clips there is an easy solution, check out http://www.dahlbackracing.se ! :wink:
There you'll find:

Enjoy! :D


PS: It's road legal, at least in Sweden. :wink:
Just realized now I've written GIII which abviously is incorrect, it's ofcourse a IV ... :oops:
(There are less than ten ((minor)) components on the car that are original)
lots of things actually, the grannies, high IQ burnout, toyota pickup and much more..

there's something funny in every episode.
I don't really have a favorite, but the first ever clip of Top Gear (or Fifth Gear for that matter) that I ever saw was a small clip of JC's voice talking while this guy drove around a Ferrari and it's engine blew. He was talking about how the guy started out as a truck driver delivering stuff and then eventually became a Ferrari test driver.
That's out of the very old Top Gear series, I practically cry every time i see that engine blow :cry: .