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Your favourite transmission

Your favourite transmission

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Jul 12, 2004
Sydney, Australia
1998 Subaru Legacy 2.5L
There was a brief debate about this a few weeks ago in another thread. It best be settled in this poll. I'm just curious.

Please vote and explain why you think (X) transmission is best ;)

My favourite would have to be DSG's*. They are easier to use than manuals and save fractions of seconds per shift. You shift via buttons on the back of the steering wheel or a paddle.
Its all made possible by having 2-clutches (don't make me explain how they work..). THESE ARE NOT ONE OF THOSE SEMI-AUTOMATIC GEARBOXES THAT JEREMY CLARKSON HATES. Those are totally diffrent and useless, thus why I have omitted them from this poll.

*I don't drive yet (not legally anyway..) so I have little expirience with a range of trannies. My views on DSG's are just superficial.
dsg's are great and all, but i love to row the gears and depressing the clutch myself. It's great fun, just pushing a button and letting the car think for me isn't what I like. I've never known a instance on a quiet back road or on the street that a fraction of a seccond mattered.

Nothing like being directly involved with what the engines doing. Automatics are boring, put your foot down and that's it. You have to think more with a manual.
^Fair enough ;)

Many people will argue that the human intervention of a manual beats anything else and I can understand that.
Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
I like the sequential gearbox on my bike. (no poll option)
I thought I could edit the thread and incorperate it but cant. :(
We'll make note of it though..

Is sequential SMG??
DSG, simply because _I_ am in traffic on the highway and in downtown streets Mo-Fri :p
andyhui01 said:
btw... who was the guy who voted auto?
Could have been Janus...he mentioned he prefered auto in that other thread.

Oh and Cruzz has a point there people..
SL65AMG~V12~604BHP!!!!!!! said:
Oh and Cruzz has a point there people..
Dunno, I don't find a manual bothersome at all in city traffic.
That is, IF the car crawls ok in first gear.
If you have a car that you have to dip/slip the clutch for in order to prevent it from stalling then it's a hassle.
When I get my M3, im getting it with SMG. Why? because I'm too lazy to constantly shift, and why not have a computer do it for me :p

All the reasons in favor above plus one against DSG: They are complicated pieces of equipment with plenty of actuators and moving parts that will cost a bundle to repair if/when they break down. I keep my cars a long time after warranties expire so this kind of possibility can be a concern.

Automatics... do you really want me to get started on why I don't like them ? :bangin:
manual all the way, and DSG over auto
I'd say DSG, for the technical part. It's a great piece of engineering, and a great gadget.

So I want one :)
Largley depends on the car...
Any executive like S, 7 or A8 -> Auto (and I believe they aren't offered with manuals anyway...)
Most big diesel cars like a 5 series diesel would also qualify for a great auto car, while the petrol one wouldn't...
Smaller cars: Manual
High Performance car: Manual
High Performance car on the track: DSG

If you want to change gears, get a proper manual. If I want to change gears and feel in control of the car, I'll have a clutch pedal and a proper manual. Otherwise, you're just not as able to control the car, and may as well just have a normal automatic.

I know that if I bought one of those DSG/crappy paddle/semi automatic/etc boxes, I'd just leave it in automatic mode 99.9% of the time. (then again, my everyday car is an auto)
If you want to race - DSG
If you gonna seat in traffic - Auto
If you want to enjoy driving - Manual

So I voted for manual.
Manual. Nothing beats it just yet. Hearing the engine scream and then shift into another gear to get more power. Just thrilling fun.