Your most favorite and least favorite ingredients.


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Apr 24, 2006
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Simple question: what are your most favorite ingredients to add to a dish and what are your least favorite?

By ingredient I mean anything from garlic, black pepper, mustard seeds, to things like whole sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, butter etc. Note that this is NOT a favorite/least favorite foods topic. Beef Wellington for example would not apply here. That's a complete dish.

In the past, I was averse to tomatoes. I choked on one when I was a kid, and for the longest time I would remove sliced tomatoes from my burgers and pizzas. This is not the case these days. I absolutely love them.

My most favorite ingredients of all time to add to a dish are sauteed onions and either fresh or roasted garlic. I love to even just hear the sound of onions sauteeing in a pan with a little bit of oil, and the smell of garlic.

I'm not sure about my least favorite ingredient(s). Certainly I don't like mushrooms on pizzas, but we don't cook with shrooms at all in South Indian cooking. I'll have to come back to that one.

So what are yours?
Fav is Confited garlic, its like roasted but less sweet more garlicky. Better for inclusion in foods, though roasted is better spread on toast. Confit garlic mashed potatoes are my speciality and contribution to thanksgiving every year.

Least fav has to be capers. God damn i hate those sour buggers, and every time i have chicken picata i pick that shit out, or if I make I dont even bother including them.
Sesame oil. Fucking love that shit.
Any kind of olives. And Artichokes. God I hate them with a passion.
When it comes to pastries and the like it is hard to beat cinnamon. Also handy in small amounts for meat based awesomeness.

Least favorite is rape seed oil (also known as canola oil). It pretty much destroys any food it comes into contact with.
Least: black trumpet mushrooms, prawn cocktail/kebab like sauces/dressings/creams (they make me gag), cucumber, brussel sprouts, passion fruit, raisins

Most: Pork, beef, anything umami rich, new potatoes, asparagus, eggs

That's it for now.
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Hmmm, there are so many ingredients, and some just don't work with some things, but are great in others. After having a bit of a think about this, this is what I conclude:

Least: Veal, Celery, Raisins, Licorice.

Don't like in excess: Tumeric, mustard seeds, thyme, parsley.

Most: Garlic, Shitake Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Yogurt, Garam Masala, Basil, Red Chilli Powder, Broccoli, Cauliflower... oh man, this list goes on, and I haven't mentioned any meats at all...

Like in excess: Cheese, Green Chillies, Ginger, Sesame seeds, Worcestershire sauce...

This food talk is making me hungry. Was this a ploy?
Least favorite: celery, leek, broccoli, peppers (not like chilli, but those bigger green/yellow/orange/red ones), any kind of whole seeds in or on bread, black olives.

Most favorite: bacon (duh), green olives, black pepper, tomatoes.
Most favorite: CHEESE

Least favorite: pickles
Most Favorite: anything that is not banana's

Least Favorite: Bananas
Least favorite: celery, leek, broccoli, peppers (not like chilli, but those bigger green/yellow/orange/red ones), any kind of whole seeds in or on bread, black olives.

Most favorite: bacon (duh), green olives, black pepper, tomatoes.

Oh I forgot something in the least favorite: eggplant, squash, zucchini ect. can't stand the damn things.
very few things i don't eat

what i don't like are asparagus. realy can't stand the taste

and i tend to avoid herbs which overrule the taste of the thing you're eating. i'll pass on curry, pesto, tabasco (i prefer pili pili by a long shot), ...
There doesn't seem to be a lot of loving for vegetables here. :(
There doesn't seem to be a lot of loving for vegetables here. :(

I love raw vegetables and eat them every day, but when asked to choose a hands down favorite they just don't hold a candle.
I love mushrooms. I prefer them cooked though. Lightly sauteed in butter is great, I can make a meal of them just like that. I also really like carrots when they're cooked in dishes. Ever have a pot roast with carrots roasted with it? Yum.

My least favorite? I'm not a very picky eater, but I really hate nutmeg. There is just something about the flavor that puts me off. I'm also not a big fan of cooked bell peppers. I can handle them sauteed with onions for things like fajitas and hot sandwiches/brats, but in pasta sauce or stuffed bell peppers I can't stand. But I like them raw or on pizza when they're still crunchy.
I actually am not a big fan of crispy bell peppers :lol:. I like them soft after they've absorbed some flavour.

As well, carrots are best served grilled with a little bit of salt and pepper seasoning... don't even need the salt actually.

Oh man...
There doesn't seem to be a lot of loving for vegetables here. :(

If it makes ya happier :p

Favorite vegetables and their preparation: Okra stir fry, Bitter Melon chips or regular stir fry, Green beans with yellow lentil crumbles or coconut, Eggplant grenades, Cabbage stir fry.

Meh veggies: Potatoes, regular eggplant, snake gourd, yam, Tindol.

Least favorite veggies: None really, but I can't stand salads. And I hate it when people think that veggies can only be made via salads. If you can spice, grill, stir fry, and whatnot for meats, you can do the same for veggies.
When it comes to vegetables, one of the strangest vegetables for me is Beetroot. Raw, or boiled, or in 99% of it's forms, I cannot STAND the stuff... it's absolutely vile to me. However, if cooked in a Pakistani curry, it is probably my absolute FAVOURITE curry. It's SO SO SO SO SO amazing in curry form. Hmmm... now that I think about it, I'm going to have to ask my mum how to make it. I'd completely forgotten about it.

Mutton and Beetroot curry with some Roti, oh man... *drool*.
Favorite would be steak probably...yeah yeah, I'm a caveman.
I dislike mayonnaise with a passion that burns within my soul like the fires of hell.
Mayo is great to make chicken sandwiches with, and tuna sandwiches. I liked mayo before I came to Canada, so it's not a Canadian thing for me :lol:
Favorite - Horse meat, never actually used it just know how much I hate horses.

Least favorite - Probably Margarine, it isn't even interesting, it's the Toyota Camry of dairy products. At least food like horseradish and Velveeta are bad in a laughable way like Lindsey Lohan.