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Your own different names for things topic!!

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Dec 19, 2004
I start off what other names do you call the Sun well I call the Sun these names aswell:

That bright glowey thingey.
That thing in the sky which is glow like.
Lol, what the hell, that can't be serious.

Well I call my cat: bidsprinkhaan.
My dog: wandelende tak.
My mum: boekenkast.
My teacher: betondekvloer.

Sorry in dutch..
Lol, it doesn't even make sense in dutch :)

AS for the sun

"the thing thats makes my eyes hurt if i look at it"
Its not serious, but it is pretty creative. Well... to a certain extent, other than that, i have no idea what to think of this.
I call this thread something shitty waiting for a mod to lock it, but I won't, cause I'm an admin now, and I have to be responsible :)
**spam alert**

**spam alert**

**spam alert**

**spam alert**

;) really, should this go on any further?
where are the mods?

this still hasnt been locked and its yet another spam thread that i was talking about.
No, spam is something that has no subject at all, or advertising on some sites, but this has a subject..... sorta
justin syder said:
where are the mods?
I should count the number of times you say that in a day. We can't be everywhere at once you know - especially with having only a few mods who are actually active.

Anyways, what do I call this topic? Retarded and.... locked!

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