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Mar 27, 2005
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Random Thought: Who is the most famous person you can connect yourself to using the six degrees of separation?

ie. I met "A", who has met "B", who worked with "C", who knows "D", who once met "E", who knows "Famous Person".

Pope John Paul II. My uncle had an audience with him.

That's only two degrees of separation. Pretty good. :thumbup:

I know someone who knows Tom Daley, who probably knows all the other famous Olympians.

I am happy to have been denied any future dinner invitations from one J Clarkson who once punched a certain P Morgan.

EDIT: Separate thread?

Separate thread.

I've shaken hands and spoken with actor and former senator Fred Thompson, who was in the Hunt for Red October with Sean Connery.
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spent half a year in new zealand. my host-mum's brother is some fancy hollywood hairdresser who has 'worked on' (among others) brad pitt and jamie lee curtis...
Drank with Marco Hietala and had a beer with after taking photos of Primo? Kozmus.

Almost got together with, but was eventually friendzoned by, a girl who hung out (more than just shook hands with in passing) with Tenzin Gyatso when he visited the country.

That's all I can think of for now.
I have an ex-girlfriend whose father is a direct descendent of Sir Isaac Newton and whose great aunt turned down a marriage proposal from Ian Fleming, an ex-wife whose grandfather was Governor and later Governor-General of Jamaica who was a friend of Fleming and whose house was used for some exterior shots in Dr No and a former colleague whose older sister was asked out by Timothy Dalton but she turned him down because she didn't fancy him.

I've been to Dunsfold where the airport chase scene from Casino Royale was filmed.

The MD of the firm I work for currently is the nephew of Sir Donald Campbell and grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell. His cousin, Don Wales holds several current speed records, including the land speed record for lawnmowers.

I once got pissed in a karaoke bar in Brighton with Billy Baxter, the Blind Man in the Top Gear lap board and former holder of the world blind motorcycle land speed record.

And my girlfriend's sister lives opposite two gay guys one of who is a former porn star who used to date Dr Christian Wossname from C4's Embarrassing Bodies.
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Continuing with the Olympic theme:

I once played table tennis with table tennis champion Guo Yue. No, really. Unsurprisingly I didn't score a single point won. :p

Research tells me that she's played against Ai Fukuhara many times before, who in turn once played against Hu Jintao, who in turn (obviously) knows Obama.
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Queen Elizabeth II - 4 degrees of seperation from me. Her Majesty handed an award to someone that I know via 3 degrees of seperation.

Which are?
i just thought of something :p

so i'm on this online forum where there's this guys that knows someone...
I shook hands with Mitt Romney... I also played junior league baseball with a guy who just got signed onto the Mets but the jury is still out on how famous he will be :lol:

Honestly I can't think of anyone I can reach through other people who is more famous than Romney.
Me and my brother at a football game (I know, he looks nothing like me. I think he may have been adopted).
Me and Wade1.jpg

My brother with Nicole Kidman.

Nicole with Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig with Her Majesty the Queen.

I can actually get to the Queen in only three steps but it means admitting that my wife met one of Australia's most loathed Prime Ministers ever, so I'd rather not. :lol:

BTW, for anybody unfamiliar with the urban myth, it is rumoured that you can be connected to absolutely anybody else on the planet by six degrees or less. I'm starting to think it is true.
The ex-president of Latvia, Vaira V??e-Freiberga, has had a handshake with me. She knows nearly everyone at the European Comittee and NATO, and she has met many high persons, such as Her Majesty The Queen and George W. Bush. Bush was the predecessor of Barack Obama, Elizabeth II has had a meeting with Obama, and Obama is the most powerful politician in the world.
Vaira V??e-Freiberga -> HM Elizabeth II -> Barack Obama -> Every single living politician in the world.
For a challenge, pick a famous person at random and see how you are connected to them. Supposedly the easiest actor to connect to is Kevin Bacon, because of how many people he has worked with. My connection to him would be-

Me -> My brother who met -> Nicole Kidman who was married to -> Tom Cruise who was in A Few Good Men with -> Kevin Bacon.
In that case I get to Bacon in one less move. Me - Clarkson - Cruise - Bacon.

The Clarkson connection is a pretty good starting point actually given SIARPC. Although it does increase the likelihood of only being 6 steps away from some truly awful people.
Speaking of connections to truly awful people, this is scary-

I am married to > my wife, who once met > former Prime Minister John Howard, who often met > former President George W. Bush, who was in business in the 70's with > Salem Bin Laden, whose younger brother was > Osama Bin Laden. :shock:
My father's grandfather was a soldier in Waffen SS Latvian Legion -> It was a fraction of Heindrich Himmler's SS -> Adolf Hitler -> Josif Stalin (until Barbarossa he was an ally)
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Pope John Paul II -- My aunt (Jewish like the rest of my family, interestingly) had an audience with him

Candice Bergen is my cousin and she comes to some family events. I only met here when I was little though.

I've met Steven Tyler on the street in Boston. He was a douche.

I met Bar Refaeli on the street in her town (Hod HaSharon) in Israel once. My friends are her neighbors. (I only lived a town over)

My friend's mom's sister is married to Penn of Penn and Teller

The person who owned my family's house before me was the Harvard Basketball team's coach. So there's Jeremy Lin.

I've met Bob Kraft a few times at community events. So there's the whole New England Patriots and many other important people (Putin) within two degrees

My dad did some work for Michael Bloomberg and so I met him.

My grandmother is friends with Bibi Netanyahu's uncle. He lives in Miami, interestingly enough.
So through Candice Bergen you can connect yourself to a lot of old Saturday Night Livers like Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Lily Tomlin and Chevy Chase. You could also use appearances on Murphy Brown to connect yourself to a lot of people including Aretha Franklin, Katie Couric and Julia Roberts. Through Aykroyd you could connect yourself to various music legends like Ray Charles, Eric Clapton and B.B. King. Through Aretha's appearance at the 1993 Presidential inauguration you are connected to Bill Clinton and Bob Dylan. So-

You > Candice Bergen > Aretha Franklin (appeared on Murphy Brown) > Bill Clinton > Hillary Clinton > Barack Obama.

You > Your Aunt had an audience with > Pope John Paul II who met > Fidel Castro.