You've heard of Elf on the Shelf, but have you heard of...

(Halle) Barry on a Cherry!

Since we're approaching the end of the Holidays, and this'll get "old" soon, I'll move it along... :)

Loki on a Pokey

This one is a bit silly and we've already had part of it, but I hope it's allowed.

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Spock on a cock, a lock, and socks on The Rock with a Glock and a wok, on a mock Bach on a dock.

Is the contents of the wok something? I feel like that's the only thing I may have missed.
Green Day on Hay!

If we're winding it down I want to get my ideas out of the way, so here are two that came to me at 2 in the morning. :LOL:

Murry in a Slurry also works. Or so someone told me.
I thought "gill" was an old-timey word for "gallon" and was also about to day "Bill in a gill"...but before I embarrassed myself, I looked it up, and apparently a gill is only about 4oz, and that's clearly more than that. So...yeah. Ha!
The second one probably doesn’t work globally, here’s a hint: the food he’s in has his surname in the Cockney rhyming slang equivalent to its name. :p
Reeves in the leaves
Murry in the curry

...since it hasn't yet been explicitly stated. :)

I generally find these to be overdone but here's mine
TIL the word "flagon".

OK, this'll probably be my last one: