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Zenon's Car Design


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Mar 8, 2004
Vancouver, Canada
Here is a render of the car that I'm currently designing using 3D Studio Max:


The design is drawn heavily off of the BMW 2002, Vauxhall Ventura and Volvo 242. It's supposed to be about the same size as a BMW 2002. It would be a sort of factory sleeper - looks small and slow with only a few small cues that it could possibly be fast, but in reality is insanely quick. It would probably have a turbocharged straight 6 under the hood.

I'd say I'm about %30 done. There are a few body lines I'm not quite happy with still. The lines are going to be much smoother when I'm done too (it will still be boxy, but not so angular). I'm in the process of designing a full interior, but I think I'll skip the engine and just render shots of it with the hood closed.

Comments would be appreciated. :D
looks cool. i wish i could use 3ds max that well.........

also, a suggestion. i dont think the front would be legal, due to pedestrian safety requirements in some countries.

but apart from that its cool
Damn, that looks pretty cool. I really, really wish I was that good with 3DS Max. I'm trying to teach myself it so I can do modelling for HaloPC Levels, but it's just so bloody difficult. *SIGH*... :cry:
haha604 said:
Look sort of like a Mustang to me. I'll reserve my judgement until I see the final product.

I never even thought about it looking like a Mustang, but it does actually look like one a bit. That's definetly something I'm going to have to fix! :p

It's going to be an extremely small car, which would make it look less like a Mustang atleast. For my final render I'll have to composite it into a photograph with another larger car or a street or something to give a sense of scale.

I like the flared fenders they look like the E30 M3