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Zuiderzee Rally 18-19 March *pics*


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May 29, 2004
Well here are some pics my brother shot. They're not great quality, some cars were really damn fast through the corners!
We've been there from 9.30am till 7.45pm (19.45) and it was worth it! Especially the nighttrials!

I have a video of it too, only 20minutes because I ran out of battery, the previous guy didn't charge them all...

As you can see theres a Volvo S80 in it, it had a HUGE turbo and we followed it everywhere :lol:

On tuesday I have the video on DVD, don't know how but maybe there's a way that I can share...


Kip_6666 said:
Yeah, nice work.

:eek: @ the volvo though, whats that about?

Which one? The V70 or the S60?

The V70 was a safety car and the guy floored the T5, I have it on tape a few times :thumbsup:
great! thanx for sharing josty.
One question though, for the night pics did your brother pan the camera while shooting to catch the car still while blurring the background?
Yeah that was the nicest part of the nighttrials! Everytime there was a corner you could see them glow like they were on fire. Unfortunately we couldn't catch fire out of the exhaust but that happened quite often with the Audi 80! Man those flames were over a meter long an lie 50-70cms high, the whole time it stepped of the gas before a corner :thumbsup:
Yeah, and the sound it makes! You can feel it in your lungs and stomach, looks like a big machinegun firing at everyone there.. :mrgreen:
Very good shots, nice job :thumbsup:
where's the location of the rally? is it far from maastricht?
zuiderzee sounds far from here... :)
Yes that was Emmeloord, Flevoland. There will be a few Rallys down south which I will not visit because that's a 3 hour journey, a bit too long for me.

I made a thread about the Rallys I will visit.

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