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Thread: Greatest Driving Road; Davos-Stelvio route map?

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    Greatest Driving Road; Davos-Stelvio route map?

    Alright, there is a related thread here:

    ...but since it's posted in the Photography section it's not going to see a whole lot of traffic and I have a very general question about the route they found in 10x01, namely, does anyone have it mapped out?

    My friends and I are making a pilgrimage to this area in about a week and our plan is to try to drive on as much of this as possible. We're skipping the Stelvio pass itself as it will likely be closed, but our goal is to get some good driving in on the rest of the route Top Gear took when they found the "World's Greatest Driving Road" and the surrounding areas.

    Any and all info would be appreciated. I've checked google and a few other map features and it's unclear the exact route to take. All I know is that Top Gear started in Davos, traveled to Bormio, and then to the Stelvio pass in Italy.

    Whatever we do, we'll be doing in reverse since we'll be coming from Innsbruck, Austria.
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    Hey svb I sure hope that you will be documenting the trip like you did the greatest driving road in CA. (Just a quick question when is the rest of the film going to be uploaded? I am super anxious to watch it.)

    Hope you have lots of fun and all is well.

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    If you ask me, the best experience is not to drive exactly the same route as the top gear guys. Instead, do exactly what they did, drive into the alps and try to find the best road in the world. If you plan it out it´s not so great...

    Just figure out where you´re starting from (in your case, Innsbruck), and where you roughly want to go. Get a map (you know, the kind that´s made of paper), and go nuts. Trust me, I´ve done this several times, and it´s always been good.

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    Yes, in the alps are spo many fantastic routes you will find one on your own.

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    Take a drive from Bormio, Italy to St. Moritz, Switzerland.

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