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Thread: Top Gear English subtitles: Series 1 Complete

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    Top Gear English subtitles: Series 1 Complete

    Hello, all,

    Years ago I was collaborating on a project with @narf on transcribing and making CHM Top Gear episodes' subtitles. Recently I picked up the old project, and hustled to finish Series 1. I am happy to present these to all those in need.

    Note: I've upload them to website which does a good job indexing episodes and updating edited versions. Individual episode links are as below.

    Episode 01 (made by @Blayde):

    Episode 02 (made by @Blayde):

    Episode 03 (made by @Blayde):

    Episode 04:

    Episode 05:

    Episode 06:

    Episode 07:

    Episode 08:

    Episode 09:

    Episode 10:

    These are synchronised to the "SBS" version, i.e. the original FinalGear release. I've done the best job I could, but still there were a few sentences/references where they were either inaudible or I was unable to transcribe. I would be happy to update them should there be any other errors/suggestions.
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