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Thread: Rory Reid's Road Trips

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    Rory Reid's Road Trips

    "In between filming for the new series of Top Gear, we packed Rory off to sample some of the greatest driving roads on earth, welcome to Rory Reid’s Road Trips."

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    Awesome! It would be so much better if they just dropped Top Gear and had Rory and Chris Harris make shorter videos like these.

    I've driven the Furka pass many times, but it's not my favourite pass in Switzerland, but it's very nice to combine with nearby passes.
    Usually I drive St Gottard -> Furka -> Grimsel -> Susten and then go north towards Altdorf, through Klausen pass and then for a hotel around Zurich.
    On a day with good weather, that is one of the most epic long drives you can do in a day I recon. (Allthough I prefer driving Klausen pass the other way round).
    If you wanna drive even longer, then you can start off doing Nufenen pass, very short distance from the end of this pass to Airolo (Start of St Gottard pass).
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