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Due to popular demand, we've started a 'What's that Song?' forum.

Here is how it all works and a few rules to keep things neat and tidy:

1. In this forum, music threads are started for each TG episode. The first post in each thread will contain the master list & will be updated as new songs are identified.

2. For current and past episodes, we encourage everyone to post songs you recognize so that they can be added to the lists.

3. For new episodes (and eventually all past episodes), a complete list of timecodes and sound samples will be posted a few hours after airing. This will allow you to quickly determine if a song you are looking for has been identified yet, and listen to sound clips of those that have not.

4. If you saw the episode on TV and therefore do not know the specific time a song aired, the sound clips will help you to determine exactly where the song started.

5. You can post song information or song ID requests, but please do not ask were to download music you've heard on Top Gear. This forum is not for distributing copyrighted music or discussing how to do so.

6. Top Gear uses some pretty obscure music, so again we encourage you to contribute to new and past episode listings as much as possible. Our goal is to keep them as complete and up-to-date as possible!

Hopefully this will help everyone out in finding the songs they want to know. If you have any questions or comments about this forum or its rules, post them in this thread.

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