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Thread: New science Youtube channel for James

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    New science Youtube channel for James

    This might be just a rumour, but somebody tweeted the other day that he was doing some filming for this, and the blurb below was found on YT's Featured Channels page marked as "coming soon"

    Topical Science Channel with James May

    James May and his crack team of scientists respond to what’s being read, watched and talked about on YouTube and social media. The channel will provide left-field insights, sideways interpretations and bizarre & entertaining facts about whatever is in the news, trending on twitter, or being discussed at the water cooler. It is the channel for anyone who wants to find out more about the events and stories unfolding around them in a way they wouldn’t get through the usual news sources. The channel will be a mix of science, technology and current affairs – covering everything from the latest scientific research to breaking political scandals.

    *Have a strange feeling I've already posted this somewhere. If I have, apologies for the duplication.

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    If this is true, I'd watch it.

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    Me, too!
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