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Thread: Transmission – BBC Top Gear Video: James and Jeremy talk Top Gear Live 2011

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    Transmission – BBC Top Gear Video: James and Jeremy talk Top Gear Live 2011

    Transmission – BBC Top Gear
    Video: James and Jeremy talk Top Gear Live 2011

    People of Birmingham: clear the 11th to the 13th of November. People of London: clear the 24th-27th of November. Why? It’s only Top Gear Live.

    Yep, a real-live, in-front-of-your-nose version of Top Gear telly will lollop into Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre and the London ExCel centre on the dates above.

    There will be stars in reasonably priced cars. There will be Ferraris. There will be Group B rally cars. There will be a faithful recreation of our shambolic TV studio. There will be a Stig. And there’s even a chance you’ll see some spectacular crashing.

    That’s because, for the first time in the history of ever, Top Gear Live has a massive indoor circuit designed by Lotus Motorsport (the people behind our test track down at Dunsfold). Which means the cars’ll get up to proper, grown-up speeds. Maybe even triple figures.

    This is something that Jeremy is very excited about – even when hungover – as you can see in the video below filmed at Top Gear’s salubrious London HQ. Watch until the end, and you may even pick up some titbits about our Christmas special…

    And if you’ve not got tickets yet, click here to sort yourself out


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    So Jeromy actually mentioned quite a lot of information on the new series...
    Christmas Special will take place in India, there will be a trip through italy in 3 supercars, some ice racing in Sweden and a trip to China to visit a car manufactur over there...

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