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Today 8:40 PM
 2017 VW Phideon
Exterior totally looks like a Chinese car. Gaudy and over the top. Which given it's intended market, I suppose is a compliment. Nice interior tho. (52 views, 3 replies)
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Today 8:39 PM
 2017 VW Teramont
Totally looks like a Chinese car. That's not meant as a compliment. (60 views, 4 replies)
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Today 8:13 PM
 Random Thoughts... [Entertainment Edition]
Come on SQE, make Sleeping Dogs 2 already. (370,745 views, 4,498 replies)
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Today 8:08 PM
 Dreaded cyclists (80,564 views, 1,977 replies)
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Today 7:27 PM
 Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]
Those are seats from a 2001-2002 Cougar. That is all. (5,346,541 views, 77,480 replies)
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Today 7:25 PM
 Post Your Watches (213,447 views, 2,340 replies)
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Today 7:17 PM
 Another E30, Beni's Winter Beater/My Loaner.
Or well! (5,437 views, 127 replies)
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Today 7:06 PM
 The Grand Tour
Whaaat? Game of Thrones + TGT = Showgasm Also, I guess I finally have a reason to buy a 4K projector! Amazing. I have a 25 Mbps connection... I hope that's sufficient! People say 15 Mbps is... (15,002 views, 129 replies)
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Today 6:39 PM
 The Waft-O-Matic fat man car. Meet Sumo, Loose Units E39 523i
So, yesterday, exactly 15 minutes before people turned up to check out the Golf to buy it I decided to move the BMW. To my surprise it wouldn't start, shit. So today I went ahead and replaced the... (2,499 views, 63 replies)
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Today 6:39 PM
 Best of eBay and Craigslist
Good examples already cost around 100 000 EUR! One of my dream cars! (665,861 views, 6,649 replies)
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Today 5:56 PM
 The guitar thread
And with that, I did say that when you learn *how*, it's "fine". I was just never taught how to actually use it when I had them, and it was always a point of frustration for me...but now that I... (47,702 views, 879 replies)
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Today 5:43 PM
 The Aviation Thread [Contains Lots of Awesome Pictures]
Yeah, it is so slow, it was barely noticed. (1,203,363 views, 10,206 replies)
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Today 5:39 PM
 My sub-compact ecobox rental-replacement on a budget - '94 Cadillac Fleetwood
Yes, on serious note count me in the queue once you are letting it go. Unless it turns out to be total crap. :rolleyes: Freezeassland is just a boat trip away. And I even got the euromonies... (439 views, 32 replies)
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Today 4:35 PM
 Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]
Same. I don't like the look of the long-tail, to me the proportions are off, but an F1-GTR in Gulf color... :heart: (2,889,542 views, 19,433 replies)
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Today 4:26 PM
 [14x01] November 15th, 2009
Forgive me for formatting-I made this account just to post this. I've seen this recently asked on, and posted the following answer! "It sounds so close to Bloc Party -... (50,301 views, 51 replies)
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Today 4:09 PM
 Terrorists strike yet again
Just seeing early reports that American University in Kabul is under attack. (20,242 views, 652 replies)
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Today 3:52 PM
 Post your Achievements - New Jobs, Academic......
Damn, then only ask out a select few *hint hint* :P (101,596 views, 2,055 replies)
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Today 3:38 PM
You should have taken the blue pill Cowboy (2,378,510 views, 16,055 replies)
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Today 2:16 PM
 Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato 2017
Agreed. Zagato has a habit of making good looking cars out of gorgeous ones. (782 views, 25 replies)
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Today 1:05 PM
 Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]
It seems that I have found a safe haven for horribly unreliable automobile. These are from a single DAY in an area no bigger than a square kilometre. ... (2,751,330 views, 21,601 replies)