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Yesterday 10:58 PM
 1000lbs. Lighter! 1987 Mercury Colony Park
Rotor finally showed up sometime last week. I was out of town and came home to the package on my doorstep. Now I'm just waiting for a day that doesn't have condensing humidity outside as well as... (7,310 views, 128 replies)
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Yesterday 10:15 PM
 The Trump Presidency - how I stopped worrying and learned to love the Hair
All about degrees i suppose (49,960 views, 1,555 replies)
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Yesterday 10:14 PM
 Random Thoughts (Political Edition)
i had a maybe for next to last and disagree for last i think (1,050,887 views, 15,348 replies)
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Yesterday 9:08 PM
 2017 BMW 6GT
That's why I posted the previous gen :tease: just way too expensive, heavy and pointless to have the extra complexity. (651 views, 22 replies)
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Yesterday 8:32 PM
 Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]
:lol: (3,124,780 views, 20,270 replies)
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Yesterday 5:52 PM
 FG Fitness Challenge
I've been quiet for 1 1/2 months, but I haven't been inactive: my bike odometer now shows 704 km. I didn't jog every week, but at least every two weeks, but biking is a good compensation for that... (39,222 views, 751 replies)
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Yesterday 5:39 PM
 2018 Honda Accord - No V6 but fastback looks, optional 2.0T and 6 speed MT
I don't like the rear, but that cvomes with it being a 4-door "fastback", apparently. Other than that, nice! (128 views, 4 replies)
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Yesterday 5:36 PM
 The "New Toys" Thread
It's just overall good to have cables detachable. (Ease of installation, replacement, upgradeability...) And from the other perspective; on an otherwise modular PSU having 2 cable sets permanently... (2,341,310 views, 22,311 replies)
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Yesterday 4:05 PM
 Volkswagen is in trouble with just about everybody on the f'ing planet
Well... I feel like I have the wrong car but I'm in the right industry... I guess in the long run, I made the right choice. (65,003 views, 1,396 replies)
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Yesterday 3:37 PM
 wdwben's 2012 MX-5 PRHT (yup, another one)
Update: Sun came out briefly this morning. https://farm5.staticflickr.c om/4298/35940307932_a5f24869 48_b.jpg https://farm5.staticflickr.c om/4318/35975738721_4ee90bdc b1_b.jpg... (6,412 views, 98 replies)
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Yesterday 11:45 AM
 Her Majesty's Canadian Ship - the SRT 392 Challenger
I've just read your report in its entirety. Well done on all fronts, good sir :clap: (3,024 views, 96 replies)
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Yesterday 11:05 AM
 The "Song Stuck In My Head" Thread (79,627 views, 1,377 replies)
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Yesterday 10:29 AM
 Show us your Lego!
I need to get the 8880 one day. Maybe for christmas :) Meanwhile 2 new additions: (119,746 views, 1,257 replies)
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Yesterday 10:27 AM
 Medium Roadtrip Proposal - The French Connection or "Oh Millau My!"
Hey that's fair enough, See you at VS on the Thursday. (4,371 views, 100 replies)
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Black Z Eddie
Yesterday 10:18 AM
 Let's have a laugh (13,578 views, 268 replies)
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Yesterday 9:54 AM
 Last movie you saw?
I saw some hot Russian GoPro on human action, a.k.a. Hardcore Henry. Cool ideas mixed with OTT gore and bullshit story. Also tits. Could be improved in many ways (wider FOV to name one) , but I... (286,520 views, 3,824 replies)
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Yesterday 9:52 AM
 2018 Audi A8
Maybe it is because they 1st release the A3s, A4s, A6s etc... and only then the A8. The A8 is almost the last model they release in the line. So that means that the their flagship is looking up to... (704 views, 20 replies)
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Yesterday 9:49 AM
 Volvo to go all EV or hybrid by 2019
The thing's nothing THAT revolutionary. The core target audience of Volvos is used to EVs on a daily basis. http://mobilityscootersdir. com/img-big/9.jpg (815 views, 32 replies)
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Yesterday 9:47 AM
 American Muscle - My 2013 Ford Mustang GT Premium
The problem is either you deal with that, but it leaves you with the option to interact with the people loading and unloading your car OR you do RoRo and some anonymous dock worker drives the car... (6,678 views, 93 replies)
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Yesterday 9:41 AM
 2017 BMW X3
Let's make a quiz. Name X1, X3 and X5. :P g?h=672&w=1460&fit=c rop&crop=edges ... (555 views, 12 replies)