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Today 3:52 PM
 Christmas food for a subtropical weather
Thanks for the link! I'll watch it later. (162 views, 17 replies)
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Today 3:51 PM
 Forum Suggestions / Issues
I contacted Q outside of the Forum, we'll see if that does a thing :). - - - Updated - - - (142,426 views, 2,632 replies)
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Today 3:35 PM
 Cool Videos
I believe it shouldn't have "are" or "a." Rather, it should be just "have" so it reads "and have better aim than..." (1,043,739 views, 15,563 replies)
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Today 3:25 PM
 Random Thoughts (Political Edition)
I may not be getting all the media you are getting across the pond, but when Obama restarted diplomatic relations with Cuba (or the Deal with Iran as another example) - I saw a lot of criticism... (985,572 views, 14,882 replies)
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Today 3:10 PM
 My 89' E30 325i Touring
The diesel is not mine and again, same logistical problem. It's also too good of a car to cut stuff from it. I'm pretty sure a donor will be found. (87,562 views, 1,399 replies)
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Today 2:57 PM
 Random Thoughts....
I've enlisted myself in a gym (or Fitness Studio, don't really know which term is correct in english, this is confusing) since summer. Two or three times a week I do some cardio and work on my back... (6,827,258 views, 121,092 replies)
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Today 2:38 PM
 Idiots + cars = LOL (743,509 views, 12,028 replies)
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Today 1:29 PM
 Giant Jezza head being driven about
Seattle? But that's nowhere near the BBC headquarters! (101 views, 2 replies)
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Today 1:01 PM
 The Aviation Thread [Contains Lots of Awesome Pictures]
Sad news, another crash: pt=0 (1,228,539 views, 10,273 replies)
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Today 12:26 PM
 Nikola One - hydrogen-electric big rig hybrid
i think it's got smaller wheels, exagerating the impression of a longer wheelbase (268 views, 7 replies)
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Today 12:22 PM
 Nico Rosburg retires from F1
that's no longer the case. during a red flag, all the cars are idleing in the pitlane, just to burn off the fuel there were only 2, yet the race was thrilling indeed! (318 views, 14 replies)
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Today 11:47 AM
 Random thoughts.... [Tech Edition]
No idea what your budget is, but this is the board I'm using, with no issues so far (though the price has gone up since I bought mine; iirc, it was on sale at the time.) (1,049,245 views, 15,413 replies)
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The Night Rider
Today 11:05 AM
 My MK I MR-2 (AW11). The Night Rider.
Thanks! Lets see if it will run... Thank you =) Haha, it was probably luck more than anything else. Thanks though. I was more amazed that the holes lined up perfectly, I did mark them... (6,263 views, 108 replies)
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Today 11:03 AM
 Your 25k challenge garage
I guess the up! and its siblings are better than taking the bus? (129 views, 10 replies)
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Today 10:57 AM
 Walking Dead on AMC
I gotta say, I'm starting to like Negan. I hate the sadistic unnecessary violence, but Dean Morgan is killin' it! (26,927 views, 506 replies)
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Today 9:06 AM
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Today 8:15 AM
 Our "own" car reviews
My parents' Qashqow has a similar drivetrain (0.4l more engine, 18kW more power), and I hate it. It's slow to respond, and it's really hard to properly control it, it's too easy to give it a little... (247,323 views, 2,797 replies)
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Today 6:59 AM
 Roadtrips 2017 - Be they Big or Small
Since I will most likely have female company this year I am pondering just getting the ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo the weekend before Ringmeet then spending 4 days travelling east in a leisurely... (57 views, 2 replies)
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Today 5:43 AM
 The General Motorbikers Discussion Thread
Wow, his quality has gone way downhill... Did he decide to use Fiat parts or something? - - - Updated - - - You might want to see if you can somehow fit a 919 regulator/rectifier in there... (911,670 views, 12,245 replies)
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Today 5:37 AM
 Obituaries Notable people that have passed
Peter Vaughan, who played Harry Grout in the prison sitcom Porridge back in the 70's and Night's Watchman Maester Aemon in Game of Thrones has passed away. He was 93. (78,147 views, 1,170 replies)