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Today 10:32 PM
 Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
The only thing I know about Dirk Gently is that the (non-American) BBC tried to run a series in 2012 which was apparently quite good so obviously it got cancelled. Also Dirk's car was a rusty, dented... (19 views, 2 replies)
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Today 10:17 PM
 My Summer Car
After playing it for several hours, many restarts, and not once making it once past day 1 yet, I'm convinced this is first and foremost a survival game. Everything else is secondary. I hope I can... (838 views, 17 replies)
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Today 10:08 PM
 Awesome Thread (1,291,289 views, 13,052 replies)
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Today 9:33 PM
 Walking Dead on AMC
What got me was the twitching corpse with the skull beaten to a pulp, the eye there too. Watching that happening to a some random person must be completely devastating but watching someone you love? (25,223 views, 495 replies)
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Today 7:41 PM
 Grand Theft Auto Online
:lol: Probably the biggest reason why I have no motivation for playing it online. (26,437 views, 468 replies)
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Today 7:40 PM
 Last movie you saw?
I just watched The Shankshaw Redemption. Why I have never watched this movie is beyond my own understanding ... (253,003 views, 3,540 replies)
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Today 7:09 PM
 Geely Lynk & Co 01 - 2018
That's what on the website (419 views, 15 replies)
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Today 7:08 PM
 BRexit : Shall UK stay in EU or go now? ... (16,851 views, 584 replies)
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Today 6:55 PM
 Post your animated GIFs thread (56k takes a bus)
yNj2L8h (1,614,573 views, 14,378 replies)
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Today 6:47 PM
 Clarkson in car with candy
Candy bars eaten by Clarkson: Double Decker Twirl Boost KitKat Twix (146 views, 4 replies)
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Today 5:48 PM
 Idiots + cars = LOL Also this one has NSFWlanguage. What is that white Impala doing at 0:07? Its clearly a police car, but the... (731,105 views, 11,963 replies)
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Today 5:43 PM
 Assembly line videos
Hello Comrade, we heard you like manual labour and lifting heavy things. No we have not heard of this "ergonomics" you speak of. Also, only tool you get is screwdriver. Robotic Phil Collins will... (17,645 views, 141 replies)
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Today 5:36 PM
 The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures
Hey mambo mambo Italiano (5,880,978 views, 50,771 replies)
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Today 5:19 PM
 Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]
If it has a dry sump oil system, no. Without one, or at least some mods, yes. (2,927,539 views, 19,576 replies)
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Today 5:16 PM
 The "Things that annoy me" thread
Taters I think. (518,194 views, 13,402 replies)
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Today 5:03 PM
 Word association game
Floyd Pink (or this as well) (1,181,659 views, 21,708 replies)
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Today 4:44 PM
 The Big Rig thread!
See? Don't get a Smart, I tell you. It'll be as expensive. (79,545 views, 728 replies)
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Today 4:31 PM
 Cool/Awesome Car Commercials
That is 8 minutes I will never get back. (16,958 views, 160 replies)
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Today 4:13 PM
 Toyota to recall 5.8 million cars in Japan, China, Europe over Takata airbags
They won't survive that long. (77 views, 2 replies)
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Today 3:43 PM
 2017 Mini Countryman
Look how he is not smiling. Why is the gear leaver in the top left corner? I thought you can only move these back and forth? (65 views, 1 replies)