[02x08] July 6th, 2003


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Sep 21, 2003
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36:20 - 37:35 - Zero 7 - I Have Seen
38:06 - 38:46 - Zero 7 - Give It Away
52:48 - 53:00 - Felix da Housecat - Silver Screen

This listing contains music from the original BBC broadcast version,
all other versions (Dave, Youtube, TopGear.com, et al) have replaced music.
If you are looking for music from these alternate versions, most of it can be
found by going to: www.extrememusic.com.
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Sorry, I don't know what "Placeholder" means, but can someone please tell me what song that is during the Hammond/May convertible test (specifically the Citroen Pluriel test) which runs from 18:04-19:03.

Does anybody know what song is played when jeremy reviews the AR 147 GTA @ 41:30
I have the Jabba release of the episode. One of the first songs in the Alfa Gta review is Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen
One thing I came across last week and sounded familiar:
38:06 - 38:46 : Zero 7 - Give it away

and to add times to the above
52:48 - 53:00 : Felix da Housecat - Silver Screen

Both times from JW rip
Does anyone know the song which begins right with the introduction of the Ford RS and the Golf R32???
Hello my fellow TG fans from the world over. I have been searching for a song in this episode for quite some time now, with no luck. The problem is, the song is only on the BBC Prime version episode which as I understand it had a different soundtrack due to copyright issues. the episode can be viewed on youtube here: watch?v=zjCu0ZBW25w. the song is during Mr. Clarkson's review of the Nissan 350z and the song starts at aprox. 4:09
I know I have heard this song before but have no idea who it is. If anyone can help me I would be most grateful. Thanks!
Hi guys
I woluld like to know, what track is playing during the James' test of Mercedes CLK convertible.

I gues, that it could be some classic, maybe Tchaikovski or something simmilar, but it was not possible to catch it by mobile TrackID.

Could you please advise me? It is about in 19:40.

Thanks in advance.
OK, I tried again and I succeed, I can answer to myself (and to you as well :)).

It is W.A. Mozart - Piano Concerto No.21 - Andante.

Does anybody know the name of the song that starts at 00:30 ?