[18x01] January 29th, 2012

At 27:05 after Jeremy says "meanwhile our day was just getting better and better" an epic song starts to play as they drive towards the sun and ends at 27:24 when it cuts back to Richard. Anyone have any idea what song this is? It sounds like its from Two Steps from Hell but they have a ton of songs and none that I've listened to are it. Help! I need this song!

I apologize for necroing this thread and I fully realize that this question was asked quite some time ago, but as a fellow melomaniac, I'd like to answer this query in case MikeyG1444 might still be wondering or if anyone else comes looking for this track in the future. It's:

Epic Score - You Were Born For This: YouTube Link


Another piece of music that has been asked about in this thread on multiple occasions is the music that plays when James May presents the McLaren for the first time in Italy. I can also confirm it isn't "The Wheat". Unfortunately, this one has been a bit of a curve ball. I managed to come close to finding it, but hit a wall eventually. Have a listen to this one.

Trittbrettfahrer · Patrick Arbez: YouTube Link

That woman's voice comes up just for a few seconds in this track every now and then. Unfortunately, the track was a remix by a German artist and I'm unable to dig deeper due to my limited Deutch language skills. If anyone is willing to lend a hand finding the original source, I'd really appreciate it.

PS: Apologies once again to the Admins. I made an account just so I could contribute to this thread even though I'm not sure if it's still being maintained or not.
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