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bmw or merc #2

We don't have those over here.. the base models of each are the SLK 230 Kompressor and the Z4 2.5 so can we judge with that?
Well, if it is the Z4 2.5 vs. SLK230 Kompressor (new one), I would pick the Z4 chassis, but I would rather spend my money on a MazdaSpeed Miata.
ok. Well that's a tough one.. the Z4 2.5 looks so-so in my book but it ain't bad. but it's underpowered. I like the SLK interior and roof and I think you can get this version with a manual so it would prolly be my pick
same here, i love the look of the SLK, aggressive front, nice smooth design.

the 55 please.

MPower why a miata?? :? brand loyalty?
The Mercedes manual gearbox is average. The reason that you dont see a lot of Merc manual combinations is because the gearboxes arent that good. From what I have heard, the SLK350's gearbox is not bad. But I cant amagine it is better than the getrag unit found in the Z4.
so why not a boxster then or S2000, a miata, i mean, :? that is girly.
justin syder said:
so why not a boxster then or S2000, a miata, i mean, :? that is girly.
Considering that the Boxster is at least 50,000 and an S2000 is around 32,000..... and the MazdaSpeed Miata is 26,000. It makes it sort of an obvious decision. Its one the most fun roadster to drive and for that price you get so much more in terms of options and packages for so much less.
but its the most fem roadster you can get, 6,000 more and you get the S2000.

or get a used Z3 for 20-26.
justin syder said:
but its the most fem roadster you can get, 6,000 more and you get the S2000.

or get a used Z3 for 20-26.
that isnt entirely true. The Honda will be faster, but is it worth it? Maybe. Its a strong maybe. But, on first impressions, no. It isnt better than the Z4 3.0i and it isnt better than the Boxster. So why spend more on a car that is still going to be out classed. I would rather spend less money, get a much better interior and have much more practical car.
i would never choose the s200 because of how produces its power...i mean for the daily use i don't want sth that has power over 6.000rpm....
even the guys at honda realised that and tried to change the engine with this new one 2.2 that produces the torque a little bit under the 5.500rpm and has the same bhp240..
the z4 2.5 and the 3.0 goes with a 6th manual gearbox not with an automatik..at the mercedes they made progress they say that this car is mpre fun to fdrive than the old one and yes the new gearbox is better than the usual they have at the c class e class and s class which i know sucks...and now another questoin...better to choose the z4 which is more fun to drive more sports car or the slk which is more "girly"car...
I'd go for the Z4, its better handling
i prefer a hardtop, it looks better than a rag.

makes teh car look like a coupe.
both, looks better and it is safer and better, even though the Z4 comes with a hard top to put on. the slk has it already, its a perfect top.
kteO1 said:
would anyone made his choise because of the hard top of the slk?
i mean would anyone prefer the hard instead of the soft top or it doesn't matter?

it was one of the things that made me vote for it. Better sound isolation, better look, usable in the winter, better safety... it has many advantages but ofcourse it has some disadvantages too