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Computer geek / Software Developer thread


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Nov 29, 2004
Especially for idletask, v0od0o, ESPNSTI, me and others like us... :)

On titles:
I'm (almost) a Software Engineer, since I almost have a masters degree in software enineering, but I don't work as a software developer... ;)
I'm currently in a software development project, but I do the requirement collection, doing scenarios, use cases and so on, and later I'll educate the staff that will use the system...
Besides this project I work with the students IT environment here at the university where I work... computer rooms, printing, WLAN, etc... but it's mostly strategic and administrative work - not so much technical. We have PC and network technicians for that... ;)

As you might have guessed from my signature, I'm pretty much into open source software and use Mandrake Linux on my laptop most of the time... :)
cool thread :)
Well I got my BSc in computer science in 2002. I've been working for a bit more than 2 years now and I was recently (last week) promoted to senior software engineer :D
At work I do the actual system's programming, some of the design, code review, design documentation. I've been working on implementing vodafone live service in Egypt for the first year and now I'm working on implementing workflow processes on a custom made workflow engine, and enhancing the engine along way.
My work currently requires me to program in C# and vb.net and it also relies heavily on XML and XSLT, but I've worked for a short while with java and I've worked with Visual C++ and MFC for 4 years in college.
I'm also preparing for my final round of interviews at Microsoft US, they should be next jan, I've already passed a couple of interviews and if I pass the final round I'll relocate to Redmond and work at microsoft (which you chade might hate btw) :wink:
the greatest piece of engineering on the skyline GTR's is the 4wd drive system... it seriously has the best of both worlds. awd for acceleration and 80:20 Distribution when doing high speeds :D
My official title is "Functional Architect", but I prefer just plain simple "software developer".
I've been working with computers since 1980 (that might be before some of you were born :lol: , I was 8 at the time), and I started programming right around that time too.
Started out on an Apple II, then moved on to an Apple Lisa and a series of Macs.
In 1990 I started working with PCs (MS-Dos 3.3 I believe it was).
Got my BS in computer science and psychology in 1994 (I think).
Got my current job in 1996, which is writing billing software for ambulance companies and soon dispatch and related software for ambulance companies, police- and fire-stations.
I made one crude attempt at making a racing game (featuring a Renault 5 Turbo in 3rd person view) in the early eightees, but never got further than making it move from left to right on the screen :lol: .
Beyond that, I've never attempted to work on games.
Well I was around 12 when I started programming :) It was a sinclair zx spectrum+ (The one with 128K ram woohoo!) It was programmed with Basic or its Assembly language, I used basic of course :) and recorded my programs on tape.
And about games I once made snake in flash, was a good experience, I flirted with the idea of making DirectX games, got books about game development and DirectX but never got the time to study and work on it unfortunately.
im studying Computer Science, but i dont like die-hard programming that much.
I just like to play with computers and stuff, run trackers etc ;)
^ So you just want to goof around all day :lol: .

BTW, I was feeling a bit old the other day when I was watching a show on the history of computer games, and I remember playing just about all the first games, including the first one : Pong :lol: .
BTW, I was feeling a bit old the other day when I was watching a show on the history of computer games, and I remember playing just about all the first games, including the first one : Pong :lol: .
I'm feeling the same!
That you're old :p
hehehe well you're around 9 years older than me or so as it seem, if you were 8 in 1980, I was born in '81 :)
But is Pong the same as Arkanoid?
I can write basic C code, and some VB, but nothing spectacular. I've some some assembly language, but I don't like it at that level. I really enjoyed C though, and if I ever go back to school, that's what I'll be doing.
As a programming language I love C++ the most, I think it will forever remain my favorite programming language. Of course I'm not saying it's not the best fit for all situations or all types of development, but I think it just strikes the balance between the power of the assembly language and the easiness of high level languages. And it always rewards a better programmer with more experience and more knowledge of the language, so it gets you to learn it more and more almost infinitely.
I prefer Pascal actually, just as powerful as C++ / C# / C, but much easier / more pleasing to the eye to read (and more self documenting).
Pascal!? Weird you should say that....
I took a Pascal course in my first year at college, it's not even object oriented, it can't possibly be as powerful as C++ I don't think that's possible.
And did you know about Pascal's origins? It was first created as an educational language......
speaking about programming languages... anyone know MATLAB... I remember learning it and I was really crap at it :lol: ... there are too many commands to remember :(
v0od0o said:
it's not even object oriented, it can't possibly be as powerful as C++ I don't think that's possible.
Modern Pascal is object oriented (Borland Delphi is the most famous implementation of it) .
IMHO, it is as powerful (especially because Delphi has a great compiler), in fact in a test that I did (in 1997 I think), it was faster than MS Visual C++ .