In Val d'Isere for the weekend


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Sep 29, 2007
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From twitter today
Just saw James May coming down the mountain:Top Gear are filming in valdisere for the next few days!?

From a ski instructor
Teaching this week in val d'isere and just met James May filming.

Also this photo, taken there today (evidence on left of photo)

I thought they film all the footage before the series starts? Maybe this is for the next series or one of James's other shows?

I was thinking it was for S19 or Man Lab Series 3. Then again, if they want to do something that references the recent weather and can do a quick job on editing it, they might have thrown something together at the last second involving driving on snow. We know they have material they can easily pull out; Richard's rally car versus rocket man skit from At The Movies was in the montage.

My money is still on S19, though.
We knew already they still had stuff to film for 18 as the season was starting. Could still feature later on in the run.