Jeremy Reveals "Epic Race" on Twitter

I'm guessing Russia.
That would be more of a special than a race.
He's also hinted that they - or he - will be in San Francisco in August. He's not very reliable though.

Didn't warrant a thread of its own.
Especially as I had already mentioned it in the Jeremy on Twitter Thread.
Where does it mention San Francisco in that thread? I mentioned San Francisco. You didn't mention San Francisco.

Tis you
I mentioned a race. I said nothing about SF.

Pacific Coast Highway car versus..........???

If we want to try to second guess this then we need to identify some decent public transport offerings first.
He's also hinted that they - or he - will be in San Francisco in August. He's not very reliable though.

Exciting... Monterey Car Week is mid-August. That's when the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance happens, as well as the historic races at Laguna Seca and a few big name auctions. Wishful thinking?
oh god i hope not. bart is the most depressing, foul smelling, uncomfortable system ever.
I hope its something more epic as well, but thats the only mass trans system I know about in california.
Well the only big countries where they haven't done a race/special are:


I'm guessing it's one of those (probably not Canada though, it's not terribly interesting here. :p)
As much as I'd like to see it, a race across Australia would be boring. The roads are straight, all speed limited, with no real transport alternative to speak of. The cross continental trains like the Ghan are slow rides, and it'd be (for example) Sydney to Perth through 4000km of nothing of any interest. Even Sydney to Melbourne, nicer roads for sure, but still an 8 hour drive with no real comparable public transport (10h by train, 1h by plane).

I've been waiting for another race like to Monaco, or Verbier. Something amazing, I can't wait! This year can't end soon enough to bring me more Top Gear, sucks we didn't get the usual mid-year run.
They could do China and that road that's carved in to the sides of a mountain. But they were just in China so I'm pretty sure it won't be there.