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New 911


Jun 9, 2004
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
my dad's lease on his Boxster is almost over, which one do you prefer?

this one: New model


or this one: Current Model

two words on the new 911, bettle headlights.
new one, the interiors waaaaaaay nicer, and it looks more like a 911 and less like a boxster
^^Those are pics of two 911s, he's looking to buy a 911 instead of boxter I think.

Anyway, i like the old one better.

BTW, does it pay to lease?
M5Rangerover said:
new one, the interiors waaaaaaay nicer, and it looks more like a 911 and less like a boxster

i know..from a distance it was hard to tell the 911 Cabriolet from the Boxster because of its headlights
Old one for the exterior, new one for the interior.

The new one has that ugly 959/beetle mix front with a current 911 rear that looks sad... not exactly what I call a good looking car.

The current one looks like a boxster and is dated but atleast it looks nice
Re: New 911

Um, the two pictures you posted are completely different models of 911. The top appears to be a standard 911 Carrera while the bottom is a 911 Turbo.

They're also completely different price ranges, but if you are actually comparing the two (and don't care about price I guess) I'd definetly go with the Turbo. :p
I like the front grill of the new one better - the gaps in the older one are just a bit too large. But that's the only thing, otherwise the older style is way better. And yes, that Turbo is definitely more than the standard Carrera - is he actually considering a turbo??

As far as leasing goes, it depends. If you own a business, you can write a lease 100% off on it for tax purposes (if the vehicle is used for business :D ). I worked for a guy who leased everything he had on the road - 4 Ford F350's, a Ford Explorer, Lincoln Aviator, and Lincoln Navigator. All brand new. When the lease was up, he'd get newer models. If you know how to pull the strings, you can really benefit from a lease.
yah, leases are good only to a certain degree
gt3 has been out since last fall

but i wouldnt buy one here in edmonton

the roads are too shitty for it

the turbo maybe

the gt3's suspension would be so rough over our "roads" :roll: and in the winter :shock:

turbo works best for the great white north

oh but wait... ur dad doesnt drive them in the winter :roll:
what's actually funny is that my dad's friend at work bought the only GT3 that was for sale in Edmonton.....and he parks 2 stalls down from him!! :lol:
TheCarFreak said:

get an aston martin. you wont regret it.

plus its not as ugly :)

911 Ugly? Grumble grumble grumble. :evil:

You truly are a freak CarFreak... :p
i think i should see the new 911 in real life before making a statement. but i'm not to sure about the new headlights. (i taught evolving was going up front, not returning :s)