Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

I think the question really is, why does the right, especially the far right, feel slighted so damn often. If they wouldn't go off half cocked, they might think things through.
It's part of a persecution complex. They feel persecuted and alienated from society. Though ironically it's all of their own making.

They need a boogieman so they invent a boogieman and attribute any event that gives the slightest of offence. For example a war on christmas story:
Christmas was bombed killing hundreds of thousands by the left selling a Christmas ornament that reminds them of crippled black people.

There will always be a "war on christmas" just like this there will always be a Transgender Day of Visibility for them to get worked up about.

With these invented boogieman being unable to be effectively battled the person rejects society. They create an alternative society seeking purity their view of mainstream society is resentful for alienating them and choosing the invented boogieman.

Mexico's president says country will break diplomatic ties with Ecuador​

QUITO, Ecuador — Mexico is breaking off diplomatic ties with Ecuador after police broke into the Mexican embassy in Quito to arrest a former Ecuadorian vice president who has sought political asylum there after being indicted on corruption. Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador made the announcement Friday evening after Ecuadorian police forced their way into the Mexican embassy to arrest Jorge Glas who has been residing there since December, as a diplomatic rift between the two countries deepened

Some other primary candidates took a similar position but there hasn't been any other primary endorsement announcements. The Republican party taking explicit bias track against other Republican primary candidates is a new behavior.

The CO Republican state chairman is running for the 5th district and used party resources to disparage his opponent and a conservative newspaper in the same email.


Phil Anschutz, besides being owner of the Colorado Springs Gazette and the Washington Examiner, is a large donor to the Republican Party.
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Mexico's leading presidential candidate is stopped by masked men at checkpoint​

But the encounter at the checkpoint reveals the tenuous security situation in the country. As the cartels fight for territory and power, they have turned parts of Mexico into some of the most violent places on Earth. And the violence has not spared politicians. This political season alone, 17 candidates have been assassinated. Two mayoral candidates were found dead just last Friday. So far, according to the AP, the government has offered police protection to 250 candidates.

Damn, I knew that it could get rough, but damn.
The US has finally unveiled the hypersonic Mako anti-ship missile.

Russia has had the Kinsel air to ground missile for a while and even deployed it against Ukraine. The difference is Russia's is so big it has to be carried externally and it becomes the only thing the launch aircraft can carry.

Four of the Mako missiles can fit inside an F-35, it also fits inside the F-22 and on anything with the standard pattern mount, including the Poseidon (which is based on a 737).

Now if we could get something to update the AIM-120 AMRAAM, because both the Meteor and Russian R-77 significantly out range us in air to air right now.