We broke 2000 users and 25000 posts o_O


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Sep 21, 2003
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Damn, this forums is growing! Now mind you, a lotta people who registered probably only did so so that they could view the video offers and never posted, but still. ;)
Run a member cleanup to delete all accounts with no posts.

I'm proud of being part of 12% of these 25k posts :lol:
Renesis said:
Run a member cleanup to delete all accounts with no posts.
Nah, I don't mind them registering just to view the files. :)
hahha shouldwe hold a contest for whoever is the 5000th person to join?
to tell you the truth i agree with Renesis there are not that many active users and they only post once or twice and just use the forum for downloads... we should clean up the forum and delete the people that havent posted for like 60 days or something... just like Filesoup i got deleted cause i forgot i signed up and i didnt post anything...

just a thought
I think that's a very silly idea, and not very fair whatsoever. People shouldn't have to contribute to forums in order to be a member of a site, they should be able to enjoy the site's facilities and be able to come and go as they please, without the fear of losing their account in their absense. I think it would be very wrong to do this personally. :evil:
Exactly. I think things should stay the way they are now. This recent torrent has been incredibly successful.

If you delete and account after a certain ammount of days because the user doesn't post, what do you think they are going to do after they are deleted? Create another account right away. All that will do is creating a revolving door of mods deleting inactive accounts and non-posters creating tonnes of new accounts.

By the way, the October 24th Top Gear torrent currently has 400 peers and 1260 seeds. :shock: I think this site is working pretty well. :wink:
I agree with leaving the non-posting accounts. I am a regular visitor at other sites, but never participate on the forum. One possible idea is if Viper can see when the last time their IP logged on. If they haven't visited the site in say, 100 days then you know they forgot about it, and maybe then you could clean up those users. But don't delete accounts just 'cause they don't post.

And I think that this most recent torrent is directly responsible for about 10 more people I haven't seen before on the forums, if not more. I think we're going to hit 3,000 by the end of the TG season, anyone else agree?
I can understand why some may want to delete users when the server is stressed, but otherwise I don't see any point in doing so.
Don't postwhore he said! :mrgreen:

But I don't think we should delete the non posting users...like said before, they'll just make another account, just let them visit this site only to download...so what, let them spread the word
don't delete anyone, this is not a warez forum and because of that the contribution is not necessary