Damn...lucky 2nd guess. I wasn't even sure if it would be a "common"-enough word.

Wordle 454 3/6

Damnit...that was a great first guess, too. :oops:

My girlfriend and I tag-team it every day while we eat our lunch together. It's been a fun little mid-day break in the routine for the last 4 months or so. When we still don't have an obvious answer when we get to the 5th one, though, we get into a bit of a panic and we don't go back to "work" until we figure it out. I'll readily admit that because it's two of us, that I'm sure it helps...though her contributions are typically limited (and she'll cop to it) to choosing the first word, picking between "PENIS" and "WHORE". :lmao:(but don't give me any hints of either one of those would be a better guess ha!)
Dang! Yesterday, I got lucky in the last guess. It came down to two words which I wasn't even sure were words until I looked up to see if they were actually words, and happened to pick the correct one.

Looking up to see if a guess is an actual word before trying to enter it is one "cheat" I allow myself. That, and sometimes guessing a word for the 2nd guess without the first row's green letter to try to eliminate more letters. I know some consider that cheating...