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[07x06] December 27th, 2005


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bbc.co.uk/topgear/ said:
Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. In the final programme of the current series is Jeremy faster driving in real life or on a computer game? What will break first at sub zero temperatures, - a car or Richard Hammond? And this week's 'Star in a Reasonably Priced Car' is Little Britain's David Walliams.
Just watched it. Quite fun.
VERY happy the Sprite pwned that 306. Drop a V6 in, and can't be bothered to spice it up a bit? Come on!
MX5 bit was interesting.
The Star was boring as hell ... no clue why the dude was there. Weird, because I usually enjoy that bit.
I liked the awards ... the golden cock and Hammond eating the card ... lmao!
And driving in real life is harder than on a Playstation ... well, no shit!

Enjoyed it very much. :)
Just watched it. Good ep. The modified vs old car is kinda bad tho, they picked a show car to race. Get a modified Skyline and watch the old car lose. :p On the GT4 vs NSX, I've read a site (forgot the name), but they did it within 10 sec of the time in the game. So I guess Clarkson is not a very good driver. :lol:
honda civic

honda civic

during the awards they mentioned about the honda civic, however I am wondering did they even present it during the previous episodes? I know 5th gear did it, but has top gear done it?
Re: honda civic

Re: honda civic

jeremy_clarkson_is_a_SOB said:
during the awards they mentioned about the honda civic, however I am wondering did they even present it during the previous episodes? I know 5th gear did it, but has top gear done it?
No not yet but they'ev showed it on the news segments a few times and Clarkson has tested it for his newspaper article in the Times.
I thought it was a rather weak and disappointing end to the series. The awards was a waste of time that verged on trashy, and the Jeremy v. Jeremy was too thin -- it's as if they went through the actions of comparing the two but couldn't be bothered in making it interesting. The fact he raced at Laguna Seca was more exciting than the actual show.

The R32 boggles me. I love the GTI and would have it over a 120i, but 130i just has that X-factor the R32 doesn't have. And based on our experiences with VW quality, you'd think it's there, right up until the moment the door trim becomes creaky, the door handle becomes loose, and the mirror adjuster pops off.

And their attempts at pretending to know about their profession was, in some ways, lame. They're brilliant entertainers, but somehow, I get the impression their motoring-knowledge skills end at oversteer v. understeer. I like it when Jeremy professes that "I appreciate that most of you don't care, so here are some fluffy kittens for you to watch" (530d review) and underplays the nerdy, German, scientific, Tiff-style approach to cars. He's best at characterizing cars -- BMWs are for those with no imagination, Porsches are dull and sterile, etc..

And the Aston doesn't sound that great... reminds me of a beat-up Citroen.

I don't know... I just feel as if this episode were made to fill a void at the last minute. It lacks the art and beauty of other eps... I'd watch the F430/GT/Zonda one over and over, but this, twice, tops.
I liked it. It didn't have any huge expectations to live up to so it was quite entertaining.

The Peugeot they picked to run on the modified side was HORRBILE. WTF is wrong with the UK car scene, where people actually like that crap? People do dumb stuff like that here, but they don't get much recognition for it, and everyone knows it's crap. They would have been better off running a mildly modified AE86, or S14, or even that skyline. I would take the Sprite over that piece of shit any day of the week and twice on sunday. At least pick a car that's made to do more than park and look stupid.

I like the styling of the older R32 better, but @ 3 seconds faster I would have that over the BMW, but just because it's cheaper. Chop two doors and a few grand off the Bimmer and I'll switch sides. RWD pwnz.

I enjoyed the MX5 segment, glad to see it lives up to it's predecessors, maybe I'll go test drive one tomorrow!

The awards were hilarious!
Not a bad episode, was bit dissapointing as a 'last of the series' though. Glad to see the Sprite beat that piece fo shit 306, i mean really, why bother? AND spend ?25k on it, jesus. The UK car scene seems to have a lot of crap like that on the road - cars that are so weighed down they cant handle because of all the subs and speakers in them, so in goes a big engine and upsets the balance of the car even more, very clever :?

The Golf v BM was ok, ive never liked those 1 series' cars, just reminds me of the new Astra.

I aggree about the sound of the Aston empowah, just doesn't sound good, perhaps you have to hear it for real?
This was a great episode with your typical dose of Top Gear humour.

I'd like to point out that Jeremy is correct in his conclusion of video games vs. reality. In a game, there is no factor of fear or risk taking. If you crash, you're perfectly alright. In real life, you are constantly battling with the fear of crashing and pushing yourself to take risks. This attribute is what separates good racers from mediocre ones.

I hope the Top Gear crew will get a good long rest before filming for the new series. There are a lot of new cars coming out for 2006.
I don't feel that all the presenters got an equal amount of airtime (especially James) and that they had just used leftover clips. I expected a better finale seing as they had only done 6 episodes.
But is was still OK, the best bit was when they said James had splashed himself :lol:
jeremy_clarkson_is_a_SOB said:
awdrifter said:
So I guess Clarkson is not a very good driver. :lol:

you can say that again lol

I'd like to see people like you even attempt a lap without crashing first. I bet many people on here wouldn't get anywhere near what even JC did.
Was an okay eps, to bad they didnt show Hamster gettin freezed to death =(

Maybe they will air those nice segments, e.g. when hamster het freezed to death / shot at, in those TG specials .. Well they say that on their website :unsure:
It wasn't what I would call a great episode, but then again I do think the whole series wasn't either so in a way I was glad to see the back of it.

Agree with the comment about David Walliams, what a waste of the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, and to think they lent him a DB9 so he could come on. This always seems to happen when they invite guests who are full of themselves (think Cliff Richard and that twat from the Darkness).

Yes that 306 was a load of $hit, I was glad to see the old guys win.

The awards were a bit of light relief, I never take JC's recommendations too seriously so it was no surprise he was raving about the Astons and lauding the BMW's. IMO Aston's are overpriced rubbish anyway.

BTW, I read a while ago that BMW were gonna make an M1, was that 130i THE M1 or was it just a 1 series with a big engine?
I like how all the guys with the youth group from the second segment were non-Caucasian...

Pretty mediocre ending to a pretty mediocre series though... only the used car and continental cruise segments were good old Top Gear style.
"" I like how all the guys with the youth group from the second segment were non-Caucasian... ""

And they seemed to have a combined IQ of less then the amound of BHP that old Austin had! :lol:

I'd rather part of the gentlemens club then be in that cruising 'crew'.