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Hey Justin, are you thirteen?

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Apr 30, 2005
Or do you just have absolutely no excuse for your blind naivety?
Yo Jasruler, you should seriously stop making threads about people before it becomes a habit. It ain't good man :no:

This could easily be delt with via PM AND YOU KNOW IT :roll:
He's not 13; he chooses to go against common opinions just to seem smart and intellectual.

You people are boring. :thumbsdown:

Half the point of the internet is to bicker.
not here, and that's why it's so great

so take your bashing elsewhere
Jasruler said:
You people are boring. :thumbsdown:

Is that so? Then what are you doing here?

We don't need people trying to stir up strife and "bicker". That's what 13 year olds do :lol:
Hey Jasruler, are you five?
Still not locked??? Lazy ass mods...
Heh sorry, been busy trying to move...

Please reserve personal attacks for PMs... I don't want to read what you think of Justin. This forum wasn't setup to bash people, it was setup to share opinions. Just because Justin's opinions may not be your own, doesn't require you to make useless threads like these... Take your trolling elsewhere.

BerserkerCatSplat said:
Well, since a lock isn't forthcoming...

Flyingfridge, what the hell is that thing in your avatar? :lol:

It's a character from Drawn Together, an animated reality show on comedy central :-D
What the fuck is wrong with that prick?

He's on top of my current blacklist, watch your ass fool
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