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Honeytraps do not work on French spies because their wives are used to them having affairs, a television documentary about France’s equivalent of MI6 has revealed.

Intelligence agents in the Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE) said that their Russian enemies came to realise that blackmail over taking lovers was ineffective.

The stock phrase in response was “Go ahead, my wife already knows” one agent said in the Making of Secret Agents, a 90-minute documentary that gained unprecedented access to the spy agency over several weeks. It was set to air on French public TV channel France 2 on Tuesday night.

The agent known only as Nicolas, whose voice and face were blurred, says: “Defectors from the Soviet Union used to talk about the ‘French paradox’, namely if you surprised a Frenchman with a mistress by telling him, we’ve caught you red-handed with a 22-year-old called Tatyana, work for us or we’ll tell your wife, it didn’t work.

“That was because he generally said: ‘Go ahead, show her, she’ll understand,’ or ‘she already knows about it’.”
Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2024/04/09/french-spies-documentary-russian-honeytraps-dgse/

Headline: "76-year-old man dies of cancer, rumors say prostate cancer which kills 30,000 men per year, like in, say, 2019, the year before COVID and its vaccines."

Dip shits: "Surely it must have been the jab that did him in!"

A review of the God Bless America bible from a bible review channel.

In short:
  • It's $65-75 for a bible he'd expect to cost $15 at Wal-Mart due to its low quality
  • Was shipped in a non-descript white bubble mailer, not a box to protect it.
  • Despite being a huge fan of the Lee Greenwood song and a proud Christian and American...the reviewer is offended by the very idea of having the "America" stuff in the bible, and the bizarre scenario of having the Pledge of Allegence within pages of the book of Revellation.
  • There's no declaration for where it's made, but he suspects China based on his reviews of so many other bibles.
  • "Leather bound" as claimed in the commercial? At best, it's bonded leather. Not real whole leather.
  • Amusingly the "USA" pages in the back were stuck together to the point of tearing. Gross.
  • "I wish it didn't exist."

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_6TVa7scKM

My favorite video comment:
Did anyone really expect much in the first place?
Apparently he dozed off a couple of times


MSNBC's Chris Hayes: "If you call your opponent 'Sleep Joe', you have one job the the rest of the campaign..."
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