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Mummy created a warmachine..

Renesis said:
Couldn't he just do the same and STFU.. he's annoying

Then the others wouldn't be afraid of him :?
I don't know the kid but there's one thing for sure. He's an asshole.
swek said:
I don't know the kid but there's one thing for sure. He's an asshole.

He says to a 5year old :lol:
uh....where are the "calming down pills" that he should be on?

....me thinks he needs a couple more.
Wow...!! Now that was an asshole.. :shock:

I hope at some point of the show the kid (Lukas) is set in fire.

I had a friend who was something like that, but only when friends were present. That was pretty annoying.
Woah, I'd fucking kill him... I'd get so angry I'd hit him too hard and he'd be dead.. I hope I won't have a kid like that
yeah, you'd be amazed what you can see on these nanny-helper shows. I see stuff like that every monday on TV. lol. I guess Canadian parents need the most help with educating their children. That's probably because they can't give them a good spankin' ... although imigrant families still do . :lol:
Holy crap, what a performance, but I wouldn't want to be his parents off the mat. :lol: :lol:
don't tell me they have laws on beating children in Germany too? that sucks man, I'd give him one german sufflex and show him who's the man!