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Ownership Verified: That time FinalGear bought a Munich Roadster (MX-5) to drive from Germany to Finland

Congrats! Confused about how it got through without a working rear fog light though, that would be a major fault here and immediate fail. Which I agree with.
Sometimes they just forget, which is convenient. On my car it's an aftermarket add-on by the looks of things anyway, so the button is ... somewhere
Since the car has valid MOT and not a lot of issues that would need fixing, I'm just driving it. It's pretty handy that I got it inspected before putting it in storage, especially with a full tank of fuel. It feels really great and mechanical and analog to drive right now, pulls well and shifts well. The top will be a bit of a bitch to use until I get new springs for it and treat the material so it lets the bars slide on the canvas a little better, but if I help it by hand enough it doesn't stress the glass window fittings too much. I've had so many summers now with the car either a project or not inspected or not running, that it's a relief that it feels so reliable and decent right now.
I finally had the time to sort out something that's been bugging me for the last couple years: the headlights.



Look at this corroded crap, down to the reflector. They really brought down the car (even when popping up).



Luckily all screws opened neatly and removing the buckets didn't require any swearing. The headlights are just your average 7" units and only need the fitment rings to go on, and I had ordered new rings at the same time as I knew the old ones would not be reusable. Small tabs needed to be transferred over to hold the buckets in place, but those were good enough. Put in new bulbs as well as I didn't feel like pulling the headlights anytime soon to replace them.




Fitting and aiming was easy enough.


And the turn signal lens got a hole on the 2015 roadtrip, so I finally did change the light!