The Trump Presidency - how I stopped worrying and learned to love the Hair

On the 4th, NYAG filed motion for Trump or a bond company to met NY financial rules within 10 days:

Letitia James Nears Green Light to Start Taking Donald Trump's Assets​

4th Apr

N.Y. attorney general questions company providing Trump's $175 million bond​

I don't think of it as investment as them trying to figure out how to carve a T into their foreheads. Look at donations directly to the Republican Party its down. It's all going to trump and even party money now is being redirected for his legal bills. The gold shoes, the bibles, stays at his hotels, ect... All of it is to show fealty to their lord by performativly purchasing crap.

But for some Trump investors, the stock is a badge of honor — a way to show their devotion beyond buying Trump merchandise, visiting Trump golf courses or donating to Trump’s presidential campaign.

They freely admit it its just for the feels
What hypnotic power does Trump have?

It reminds me of how you seemingly hear equally as many stories about Rasputin's bad hygiene as you did about him being seemingly invincible, and it rings familiar here. 😅
What hypnotic power does Trump have?

They don't have reality they have belief. Not a belief in a god or higher power but rather a belief that the world owes them an ideal. They want things to be as they should, where they are rewarded for being the good people they are.

They don't need to compromise buying hybrids or EVs because the world owes them cheap gas for their oversized SUVs. They don't need to hear about other nations because all nations know that the US can beat them militarily. They don't need to get vaccinated because the world shouldn't produce illness like that. They don't need to worry about needing an abortion because the world would never have any negative thing happen to them. There is no divorce because their wife always loves them. Their kids can't catch the gay gene because gays don't exist in an ideal world. There is no systematic racism because we don't hear from other races.

Trump gives voice to those preferring scapegoats to actual solutions. "I want to be rich not work hard" that's why they spend a fortune on lottery tickets.

‘A promise that is hollow’: NY AG asks judge to reject Trump’s $175 million civil fraud bond as ‘without effect’ and force him to get a replacement within days​

Criminal trial starts Monday.

Also on Monday hearing about the bond, NYAG wants to reject it and give Trump seven days to replace it. What will the judge rule?

Tuesday Criminal trial contempt hearing... 7 plus counts and rising....

Repeated reports of Trump's lawyers suffering the stench of his farts..........#TrumpSmells
Judge accepted revised bond, so September appeal?

Trump Media’s accounting firm charged with ‘massive fraud’​

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Judge Engoron under investigation over 'very troubling' talk with lawyer about Trump case​