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There are some stupid people in this world...

:shock: Did they sleep during geography :bangin:
:shock: :unsure: I didn't notice where they were putting the pins on the map at first...

CNNNN is an Aussie show btw (which you can guess by the accent of the 'journalist' & the map)

The headlines on the news ticker at the bottom are :lol:, but non-aussies might not get some of them.
But if you see, they're "On the streets of America"
^ Not doubting that, but it's an Australian show, taking the p#ss out of the American media and Americans.

The news ticker item about 'Cherry Ripes' says it all - a wonderful Australian chocolate bar - dark chocolate coating mushed up pieces of cherry - mmmmm
And look, you can win $3,000,000!!! :p
OMG, OMG, and once again Oh My Fucking God!!! :shock: :? :bangin: :wall:
Im speechless, literally speechless. Both about their comments and geography skills! Daaamn...
^serves you right for posting that cadbury chocolate :p
fbc said:
^ At least it's not your country they all want to attack :cry:

Neither yours. It's Iran, France, Italy, Cuba, North Korea (that is a lot bigger than South Korea :lol: ) and the entire Middle East. ;)
^ + Russia, Brazil, Canada and I think there wsa something else as well.
mgkdk said:
:shock: Did they sleep during geography :bangin:
Nope, they didn't go to school ! :lol:

Quite amazingly sad to see such stupidity though. :(
these are the stupidest people that i've ever seen :shock:
the worst thing is that its the average american that they are asking...
where did you get that video?