UFC/Strikeforce/MMA 2011


Shogun - Hendo has been dropped in his last two fights which leads me to say his once unbreakable chin is weakening, Shogun will likely outpace Hendo for a win.
Le - I really want Wanderlei to win this, but I am sad to say, I can't pick him with much conviction these days, his chin isn't what it used to be. Expecting him to lose, but want him to win.
Faber - I don't think Bowles is all he is cracked up to be. Also the UFC hype machine would love nothing more than for Faber to get close to a title shot again.
Story - Expecting him to control this one with his grappling, but Kampmann could win this with the right gameplan.
Bader - By all accounts he should take this, if he loses this he might get cut.
Hat is off to Hendo for the win, no excuses here, he won, congratulations. The fight was epic and is my fight of the year right now.

Wanderlei - you proved me wrong and I am happy about it, please retire, don't stay around too long and go out the way Mirko and Chuck Liddell did, you have nothing left to prove, hang up the gloves and enjoy the rest of your life.
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Henderson/Rua - God damn sumbitch, what a fight, what an amazing fight. If only this fight went down on the FOX card last week, who knows how many new eyeballs they could have drawn, it would have been Griffin/Bonnar I to the power of 10. I'm not ready to call it Fight Of The Year (since the year ain't over yet), but it's easily in the running along with the likes of Edgar/Maynard II and III. I've no problem with how the judges scored the fight, but I'm of the mind that it should have been ruled a TKO when Hendo was swarming all over Rua and landing one shot after another on the ground.

Hendo looked like Hendo, I'm not sure what else to say. If he really wants a crack at the LHW, then lets have him vs Rashad as a title eliminator, that is if he's not facing a lengthy medical suspension after tonight. But I honestly think that if he gets a match with Jones, Rashad, or Machida, he'd lose and lose badly. I really hope he doesn't try and drop to 185 again, there's nothing good waiting for him there.

Shogun looked like crap, it wasn't as bad as the Jones fight, but it was close. Lethargic and flat footed from the very start. I could see maybe having a rematch with Rampage in Japan next year, right now he's not getting anywhere near the title.

Lee/Silva - I was overjoyed to see that brief glimmer of the old Wandie, but I really wish he had announced his retirement after it was over, please don't take this as a sign that you should still be competing. Also, Rogan was talking out of his ass saying it was an early stoppage, all Cung was doing was holding onto Silva's leg for dear life and not complete a nonexistent takedown.

Lee proved that he is not a UFC level fighter in any way, shape, or form. If Strikeforce wasn't closing, then I'd say send him back there, but since that is no longer an option, I say keep him around for any Fight Night cars being held in Cali and stick him as the opening fight on the broadcast at the absolute most.

Bowles/Faber - Credit to Faber for winning the standup battle, I wasn't expecting that, but ANOTHER fucking title shot? Come on, he's gotten more shots than Florian has despite his inability to win the crown. Cruz/Faber III isn't going to tell us anything we don't already know.
So Fedor beat Monson this morning, as he was expected to do, and of course people on Sherdog are declaring that he's back and this win is proof that he's ready to avenge each of his losses. I love how not only do they make excuses for each of his losses, but how when he dropped a whopping 7lbs for his fight with Hendo, that meant he looked "like a beast" and was the "best Fedor EVER!". And then for this fight they said THIS is the best Fedor ever because he apparently was chowing down on Hagen Daz for his entire camp. So he's probably going to spend the rest of his career exactly how he spent the last 5 years of it, crushing cans and avoiding actual top talent while M1 and his fans insist that he could beat any UFC HW and they're just scared of him.
I just wanted to post this because it's a glimpse at how big Jones is currently...

I think a move to HW is inevitable at this point.
My predictions for the TUF 14 Finale and UFC 140. But before I get into it, I wanted to comment on the FOX deal. I really hope they come up with a new naming scheme instead of just UFC on FOX/FX/Fuel, if it continues like that it's going to make things very confusing in a big hurry. I don't know what they can do other than name them UFC #XXX to help keep things in order.

Michael Bisping vs Jason Miller - I hate Bisping, I really do. Anyone who ranks him in the top 10 is out of their minds, he's nothing more than a coddled fighter with pillow fists and a giant undeserved ego. He loves to talk about how powerful his striking is when he couldn't even put Wandie away. I hope Miller tears his arm off or puts him to sleep.

Miller by RNC.

Now for 140.

Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida - Machida is still a very talented and dangerous fighter, but I don't think he has the right tools to defeat Jones here. His elusiveness might hold Jones off for half a round, but once he finds his range I think he's going to pepper Lyoto with shots until he crumbles like Shogun did. I don't think this fight will go to the ground, but if it does I'm not sure who really will have the advantage, Machida has the better credentials while Jones has controlled everyone he's taken down. I will say if Jones tries too much of his flashy moves like the spinning elbow, Machida will see it coming and will make him pay for it, if he's smart he'll leave that shit in the locker room.

I'm going to say Jones by TKO in the 4th or 5th round. And then the typical injury excuses from Black House will come.

Frank Mir vs Rodrigo Nogueira - Speaking of excuses from Black House, I'm really sick of people trying to discredit Mir's win from 3 years ago, if Big Nog wasn't 100% then he shouldn't have fought. He was beaten fair and square, get over it. I love Big Nog, but he's nowhere near the same fighter he used to be, I know people want another "PRIDE NEVER DIE" moment but that just isn't going to happen here. I expect this to play out the same way their first match did with Frank getting his hand raised while Nog is on his back counting the arena lights.

Mir by TKO/KO.

Tito Ortiz vs Rog?rio Nogueira - Both are irrelevant LHW's way past their primes so I'm not very excited about this match. If Little Nog loses he'll probably be shit canned. If Tito loses he probably won't be shit canned because he did do the UFC a solid by taking the Evans fight on such short notice. If you want to use MMAth, then Ortiz should get the victory here because he beat Bader and Bader beat Nog.

Tito by split decision.

Claude Patrick vs Brian Ebersole

Boy was I disappointed when Rory McDonalds pulled out of this fight. I think Mr Hairow will get the win here but even if he loses it won't effect his position in the rankings.

Ebersole by UD.

Krzysztof Soszynski vs Igor Pokrajac - Whoever the victor is gets a nickname that's easier to pronounce than their real names, I think Goldberg or Rogan are going to have a seizure trying to call this fight.
You have twice shitted on Bisping for his lack of power in your opinion and I am happy to say he proved you totally wrong.

I am not saying that he is the greatest, yes he is cocky this I will not disagree with, I can see why a lot of people don't like him.

On the other hand I think he is much better than you actually are willing to admit. But like Diaz, Bisping could be placed opposite one of the all time greats if he were to win impressively and you would have to try to discredit the win to justify your hate.
I think we already cleared this up over IRC, but I'll still respond here anyway.

You have twice shitted on Bisping for his lack of power in your opinion and I am happy to say he proved you totally wrong.

Bisping couldn't KO a 4 year old, his technique is solid, but the man just doesn't have any power. He didn't knock out Miller despite landing god knows how many clean shots in rounds 2 and 3, and I'll mention his loss to Silva again, a man who gets put to sleep more than Keith Jardine.

On the other hand I think he is much better than you actually are willing to admit. But like Diaz, Bisping could be placed opposite one of the all time greats if he were to win impressively and you would have to try to discredit the win to justify your hate.

My problem is that neither has faced or been able to beat true top competition in their weigh class. Diaz beating a string of cans (with one fringe top 10) and then beating BJ does not mean he should be getting a title shot when someone like Fitch has beaten every top 10 guy he's faced since he lost to GSP several years ago. Bisping has been fed a steady diet of B and C level fighters and then folds like a chair when taking a step up. Now if he goes on from here to handle guys like Belfort, Okami, and Sonnen, then I will admit he's a legit top 10 MW fighter.

I've never been too proud to admit when I'm wrong, if they prove me wrong like Dos Santos did, then I'll give them the credit they are due, till then I'll let their track records speak for themselves.
A 7 second KO by the Zombie, nicely done, very nice.
Awesome KO by Jung, I'm happy for him.


Lil Nog
Big Nog - picking this with my heart more than my head.
Machida - again probably picking this with my heart rather than my head.
Credit to Jones and Mir.

I await a new sig due to a parlay made over IRC.
I love Machida, but Jones seems unstoppable right now. He's just so calm and confident during his fights; he got that standing guillotine choke on him and simply walked away after the ref stopped the fight and Machida dropped like a sack of potatoes.

That's it, Rashard Evans, no more hiding; it's your turn! :lol:
I need to rewatch the fights before I can really comment on them further, but holy shit what a night. Big respect to Mir and Jones for what they did tonight.

Also, apparently Lesnar/Overeem has just been called off because Overeem's mom is sick with cancer and he can't concentrate on training right now (can't say that I blame him) and Mir will be stepping in... That's going to be interesting.
I liked the way Machida fought in the first round. Even keeping a great distance from Jones, he was able to get in the zone and apply good punches. Seems the same tactics Shogun used against own Machida. Man, I can't hardly see any fighter taking this belt from Jones for a while.

What made me sick was watching Big Nog losing by submission. I just can't stand it.
Good news everyone! Brittney Palmer will pose for Playboy in March! And now apparently the reason Overeem is off of 141 is to do with pre fight drug testing... he's to appear before the Nevada athletic commission on monday...
Ok, now for my thoughts on the fights.

Ortiz/Little Nog - Not very surprised by the outcome, but I was glad to see Tito not making excuses for the loss, I don't care if he ever fights again after this. Little Nog adds another notch to his belt but doesn't move in the rankings any, I think he'd get handled by most of the LHW's in the company.

Mir/Big Nog - I had Mir winning it till that knee and right/left combo had his stumbled. Anyone saying Herb Dean warning Nog about the blows to the back of the head was bullshit needs to go back and rewatch the fight, Nog landed 4 or 5 shots clearly to the back of Mir's noggin. However if I was the ref I probably would have stepped in and ruled it a TKO at that point. When Nog stopping punching and went for the guillotine, I seriously thought Mir was totally out already and this would be a simple formality, but after rewatching the fight I saw that as soon as Nog flipped him over, Mir wrapped his legs around Nog and was defending. I'm not sure if Mir was just dazed or if he was out and the punches brought him back around, either way it took a lot to survive that flurry. Then we have the short series of reversals and the amazing finish with Mir breaking Nog's arm, I'd say this is front runner for comeback of the year next to Kongo/Barry. Maybe now the fanboys will STFU about how Mir's first victory was a fluke.


For Big Nog, I'd say he should retire. Like many veterans he has nothing left to prove at this point, not only is now looking at another major surgery and long layoff, but I don't see him being more than an aging gatekeeper after this.

For Mir, if he is indeed fighting Lesnar in 3 weeks, I'll be pulling for him. If he's not fighting at 141, I'm not sure who else to put him in there with other than Cain despite him coming off a loss. Mir's already beaten guys like Kongo and Nelson and even if Carwin wasn't on the shelf for the next year I don't see a rematch ending any differently. We'll see what happens in the next couple of days.

Jones/Machida - As expected, Machida was the toughest test to date, but it sure wasn't much of a test. Lyoto obviously did his homework and did well avoiding kicks and managing to get inside and land a few shots on Jones in the first round, and I scored that round for him, but it was by a thin margin because neither fighter did very much. It was nice to see that Jones did not try most of his flashy moves and was able to take a couple solid shots to the chin without crumbling. Part way through round 2 you see that Jones can adapt on the fly when he stops working from long range and closes the distance to start working from the clinch and going for takedowns, and from that point on the match was all Jones. Once he had Lyoto down and cut him with those elbow strikes, Machida looked very tired and a lot slower than he was just a minute before. It was shocking to see Lyoto get manhandled like that and even more shocking to see him get submitted before falling to the mat like a wet bag of shit.




For Lyoto, I say have a rubber match with Shogun and I'm not even sure he deserves that much. He took a gift title shot and did the best he could but still came up way short, being 1-3 in his last 4 now makes me think that at his age he'll probably spend the rest of his career ranked around #5, a good fighter but not good enough to beat the champ.

For Jones, I want to see him take on Rashad NOW, fuck his match with Davis, this needs to happen ASAP. Rashad is healthy right now so just give Jones a month or two off and schedule the fight for March or April. After tonight I think Evans has even less of a chance of beating Jones than I did before, but I still think it's better shot than anyone else in the top 10 has.
LightningCount, here's your sig for the next week.

Lyoto does the Stanky Leg. Always remember, tap or snap.

And yes, that is Big Nog's real x-ray.
Done, now if I were you mate, I'd keep that get out of jail free card and save it for the next Diaz brothers fight.
Neither Diaz brother is worthy of me making a sig bet.
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