Cars you'd like to see in Series 18

i think they will never make a test but the hope dies at last.
An English take on one of Russia's hottest export

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I'd like to see the some hatches- the Mk III Focus, Vauxhall Astra, the new Alfa Romeo Guilietta.
I'd like to see the some hatches- the Mk III Focus, Vauxhall Astra, the new Alfa Romeo Guilietta.

I don't think they will actually, because it seems now that they already forgotten about a sensible family car and reviewing supercars instead. But... fingers crossed.
17x02 and 16x03 would like a word. Both those eps featured hot hatchbacks.
Cars for Comparo and the TG Test track

Cars for Comparo and the TG Test track

I was wondering if there is a chance to run the following cars against each other?

New 2011 GTR (if not already run and tested, I think it may have been)
2011 Skoda S2000 in Tarmac rally trim
2011 Evolution Grpn N R4 latest spec (from MML) it too in tarmac trim.

Test 1
1/4 mile drag race.

Test 2
Laptime comparo at the TG test track.

Would be an interesting result. What does everyone else think?


Still unconvinced of the look - I like most Ferraris, but for me the 458 has been the prettiest of the recent ones.

This's just weird.

I love the new Jag, the C-X16, so it'd be great to see that in an episode soon.
0-200 mph - 17.68 sec
0-300 km/h - 14.53 sec

200-0 mph - 7.28 sec
300-0 km/h - 6.66 sec

0-200-0 mph - 24.96 sec
0-300-0 km/h - 21.19 sec


Because insanity.
Yeah, why haven't they had the new Koenigseggsegegeiefierioaioegg (Agera) on yet?
porsche 911 gt2 rs , porsche 918 , koenigsegg aygera r
and finally ssc ultimate aero tuatara vs bugatti veyron ss
I would like to see BMW i8 concept review - or, at least, bring it to the studio.

and I can't help to ignore my obsession with giulietta!
o/ "Seconded."

Thirded. Even better if it's the QV. Giuliettas are starting to appear on the streets around here and my God they look even better in person. Especially in 8C red. (yes, I regularly visit the local dealership and drool over it across the parking lot.)

Also, I keep insisting on more Maserati. GTS and Gran Cabrio.
Why has TG never reviewed the VW Golf R and/or Scirocco R? As much as the guys love the GTI, it seems odd that they wouldn't want to test the AWD hotter versions.