Let's have a laugh

you may be able to detect the subtle hints that it's not a real photo.

I knew there were stories about his hands, but this… :blink:
Fox News, regarding a mural of Trump's Mugshot:

"The mugshot's up on the sides of buildings in the inner-city. The 2016 phenomenon is happening all over again. Trump won that election because of a laser-like focus on the forgotten man. A bond was formed back then, that can never be broken."

The finished mural:
I was playing Youtube video in the background while I was working on something. A few minutes in, I realize I was hearing a long piece of music rather than the video that was previously playing. I walk over to the TV and see that it started to play a 45-minute long "ad"...and that "ad" was a movie put out by The Daily Wire, executively produced by Ben Shapiro, and produced by and"Staring" Candace Owens.


There were a couple of amusing parts about this.
1) This is a thing people to do buy views. By paying for it to run as an "ad", you get increased viewership from people who never would have clicked on the video on their own, and force-feeding it to them involulntarily. The trailer for this "movie" got 500k views in a month, but the movie somehow got 1.5m views in 2 days.

2) Holy shit, did they swing for the fences in terms of audience-targetting.

You wanna know what the video was that this ad was inturrupting? Two New Zealand trans women making fun of flat-earthers, dome-earthers, and young-earth creationists. 😅
Saw a meme earlier but can't re-find it, but it said something along the lines of...

I think the only way we can heal the nation might be to introduce Hunter Biden and Lauren Boebert.
In regards to some of the fringe right-wing "Strange that Taylor Swift doesn't have any children at 33...she must be a man" conspiracy vitriol:

Today has been an interesting day, reading some of the tributes to, and summaries of, Diane Feinstein's 1,026 Scaramuccis in the Senate.