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Monthly Virtual Meets - 2nd Saturday of the Month

I opened the room at about 3am my time, and logged out at 1pm, so not sure, it was definitely still open.
Unless the log in was from an unknown IP, which if it was a data card, then maybe? Everyone who has been in a chat previously, should be auto-admitted.
The good news is, I should have internet before next Saturday. Yay.
Will be there. ;)
Room will be open, I may conk out before then (what’s new I hear you all say :p)
I had to drive a bus for a family friend’s wedding 10am Saturday -1.30am Sunday.

Got home just after 2 am. The meet a starts in just over 2.5 hours.
Oh this was today. I'll join when I'm back home
Here, very empty :D
It sure did! It’s nice to still have this after Covid. I like staying in contact outside of the chat group channels or forum posting.
Tried to join just now. Room was not open yet. I´ll try and join later on then I suppose. ;)
I will join when I can.
Fucking auto-admit. I had it all set up at 4.50am…
Google continue to reset the “auto-leave call if no one joins”, setting to ON, which is a pain in the ass.

Should be working now.
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