My 1985 Mk2 Golf GTI


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Jun 20, 2007
Peterborough UK
Mk2 Golf GTI
Well its not much to most people, but to me its a proper car, and I would much rather drive this than a paxo or whatever chav wagons are desirable these days.




Very nice - one of the great ones before the GTI got all bloated and lost it's way (MkV excepted).
Comes close to a classic these days - especially the GTI's are getting rare, and yours looks like it's in decent condition.
I really dont like MKII-s but this is lovely :thumbsup: Especialy with the black pirelli rims ;)
Really nice car! Looks to be in mint condition. Welcome to Finalgear's 80ies Hothatch club :)
Yup, looks good!
How many miles does it have?
And pleeeaaase, leave it in the original condition as it is right now...! :)
Nice. I never found a good MkII GTI when I spent a good few months looking for one. Sweet. Keep her looking good, I bet they will be work a heck of a lot in a few more years.
Is that the right steering wheel, thought they came with two spokes and a square centre boss with a little VW motif on the bottom right of the boss, or am I thinking of the MK 1.? Anyhooo nice motor bet she handles?
Well, its staying standard looks wise, I have just changed the suspension to Apex coilover adjustable rideheight and dampening, really handles now.

Its done 124,000 miles, the steering wheel is a GTI engineering wheel, pretty hard to get hold of but it keeps in with the 80's theme I think.

Thanks people :)