Ownership Verified: TAXIIIIIII!!! - 2006 Mercedes E200 T Kompressor Manual Wagon!

Yeah, the same thing happened in the MX-5 - especially in high heat and/or when moving slowly, it stopped cooling and only blew warm air. Needed a refill. Leak checks on the system didn't find anything either, so in my case it has apparently never been serviced, or at least not for many years. Sometimes chain workshops like Euromaster and ATU have cheap offers on A/C gas refills / service, I've used that to get it refilled for like 50€ iirc, and it held up fine until I sold the car - may be worth looking into.
Well, I put some refrigerant in a few weeks ago because the Croatian trip had less than steller cooling. Later I’ve noticed the passenger side was cool as fuck, but the driver side vents had not hot, but cooler than outside air. Now it’s just hot.
Turns out the problem was way less catastrophic than I thought. Mechanic did a drain and refill of refrigerant, tested all the systems and it now works like it should. Much relief. :)
Good deal. Hopefully it'll last a good long while.

Yeah, I get suspect when a repair is simple. I cannot fathom it because of my old job where, when I assumed something was simple, it was because I never delved deep enough into the problem.
So, this past week we've come around to Service A again which is apparently just an oil change. Also had the mechanic diagnose the sporadic coolant loss. Turns out it was not the radiator, but instead the coolant overflow tank. System was flushed as well so we're sealed up now. Next on my list is a modern stereo (for me tunes) so I can connect my phone. I wish for basically the indentical look of the Audio20 radio which is just dot matrix text, but apparently that's not a thing if you want the radio to look like a factory one. Hopefully it can detect headlights and have a dimmer signal input.

At the beginning of July, a Friend was stuck in airplane transfer hell in everyone's favorite airport, Frankfurt. So I did the E-class thing and provided taxi support as well has a short hangout to break up the airport bullshit.

I changed the radios. Now I have blauzahn, wireless CarPlay/android auto, as well as DAB if that matters anymore. Yay.




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Looks pretty good!

Didn't you mention once that one reason you didn't want to do this upgrade is because you'd lose the needlessly motorized storage compartment below? That seems to still be there :)
Looks pretty good!

Didn't you mention once that one reason you didn't want to do this upgrade is because you'd lose the needlessly motorized storage compartment below? That seems to still be there :)

Yes, but I sucked it up and figured it’s useless anyways. I told myself I will only lose stuff there. Also, less wood = bad
Ugh you lost the wood :(

I still have the trim piece, which is not plastic covered wood. It’s some metal piece, why is the trim metal?
All these years I thought DAB was just a British thing. New head unit looks tidy.
So over Saturday I borrowed a trailer from work and moved the big shit out of storage to my new apartment closer to Cologne. After returning it, naturally hank was with me and I left the A/C and car running while I unhooked the trailer. This triggered the sometimes CEL. I had a shop scan the code and turns out to be a fuel rich code. So since this seems to happen only when sitting and idling for long periods. I will just try and avoid that for now.
I should order some, or find a parts store with it...

The products are made in the Ruhr area so it shouldn't be difficult to find.

At least here Forte is a premium brand mostly sold through garages. Aka the garage sells you a forte treatment and gets to charge for the product as well as labor. Liqui Moly is more towards the consumer.

That said, Liqui Moly does have a "Pro line" as well, stuff that requires more than just dumping it in the engine or fuel tank. I have a feeling that their pro line engine flush product might destroy the lubrication properties of the engine oil, which isn't an issue if you use it as described (IIRC pour it in and idle for an amount of time before performing an oil change) but you're probably going to have a bad time if you don't read the instructions, pour it in the engine on the parts store parking lot and go.