The "What the Bloody Fuckintosh?" Thread

Something something "took out the trash."


Missouri woman uses spicy tortilla chip to start house fire, police say

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A woman from Nixa was arrested for first-degree arson after the fire department says she poured gasoline on some clothes, lit a spicy tortilla chip and started a fire at a Greene County home.

Patricia Williams, 42, is being held in Greene County Jail for arson and other warrants after an incident on August 11.

According to a probable cause report, police arrived at the scene and saw smoke coming from the back door with people standing out front. The witnesses stated Williams started the fire and she was placed under arrest.

The report states that witnesses inside the house saw Williams pour gasoline from a soda bottle onto clothes and the floor of the laundry room. Williams then lit Takis tortilla chips on fire and tossed them into the laundry room.

Three other people were inside the house at the time of the fire and all escaped the house with no injuries.

Williams was seen on gas station surveillance footage prepaying for $2 worth of gasoline.

Court documents say Williams admitted to police that she started the fire intentionally. She said she used the chips because she knew they would support combustion because of the grease content.

Her next court appearance is on September 6.


Russell Brand accused of rape, sexual assaults and abuse​

Four women, including one who was just 16, make allegations after an investigation by The Sunday Times, The Times and Channel 4 Dispatches

Who the fuck...


Crew aboard a U.S.-bound plane discovered a missing window pane at 13,000 feet​

A U.S.-bound plane took off from London last month with four damaged window panes, including two that were completely missing, according to U.K. air accident investigators.

No one was injured by the window malfunctions, which appear to have been caused by high-power lights used in a film shoot, the U.K.'s Air Accident Investigation Branch reported in a special bulletin published Nov. 4.

A foam liner had melted away from at least one of the windows and several window panes appeared to have been warped by the thermal heat.

The idea was to simulate a sunrise, not replicate the power of the sun!

Spirit Airlines put an unaccompanied child on the wrong plane​

Fort Myers, Florida, television station WINK identified the child as a 6-year-old first-time flyer who was supposed to visit his grandmother.
It's sort of riding a perfect storm. They've been on an upswing since the pandemic, along with the rest of the market segment, and health/wellness products in general. as more people in general have seen drinking more water as a worthwhile-to-improve aspect of their health. Their top-tier performance at less-than-Yeti prices, helped them hit a valuable niche in the market. Stanley's strategy of making them in lots of attractive colors also helped. Whoever their color experts were earned their paychecks.

Then there was a pretty popular online store that has a very popular social media presence that focuses on fashion and "lifestyle" products. They saw some potential for the product they liked so much and had been writing about, and then they bought thousands of them to push themselves through their website and social media presence. Stanley caught wind of this, and paftnered with them to started leveraging other influencers with their marketing dollars, and sales started a steeper upward trend.

But the biggest kick in their sales trajectory: there was a highy publicized series of events where a serious car fire basically destroyed someone's car, but a viral photo showed their vubrant orange Stanley, in the center console cup holder of the burned-out black car interior, which had survived survived and still contained ice cubes. Stanley, very publicly, bought that person a replacement car, which bought them a LOT of press.

Even before the fire, though, people were already treating them as their whole personality, and even collecting them like the way some people collected Funko Pops or any other collectible. A whole branch of meme culture took hold where people joked about being obsessed with them...while absolutely being obsessed with them.

People started tracking specific colors and collectors/speculators started assigning higher value to some popular/rare colors, which then drew more people in.

And then of course scalpers got involved, creating artificial demand for new colors that arose from collaborations like recent ones with Target and Starbucks.