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Can't find much else than this dutch article, but if true, RIP Mister Alpina!


Li Keqiang, China's former Premier, passed away at the age of 68 due to a heart attack, as reported by state media. His death occurred shortly after his retirement, concluding a decade of service where he witnessed his influence wane under President Xi Jinping's consolidated power. Li, once a significant figure in the Communist Party and an advocate for a more market-oriented economy, saw his policies overshadowed by Xi's preference for state control. Despite his efforts to promote economic reforms, known as "Likonomics," his initiatives were largely unimplemented, leading to a diminished role within the party. His passing has sparked an outpouring of public grief and discussions about his legacy and the potential direction he could have steered China towards, emphasizing the liberal economic reforms he supported.
That's most of the original cast gone now.
Shit. I know he had really struggled with drugs and mental health issues, but he's reportedly been clean for quite a while.

It would suck to finally get life back on track just for this to happen. 😟
It’ll days-weeks before Jimmy goes I imagine.
Aww... Just watched the movie a couple of days ago.