The Music Thread


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Mar 8, 2004
Vancouver, Canada
For all those interested in music, we can use this thread to discuss\recommend\argue about music. :p

I'll start off with a few recommendations\what I'm currently listening to:

- Pedro the Lion - Achilles Heel - my new favourite band :) He's a singer\songwriter from Seattle with some amazing stuff.
- Damien Rice - O - as Overheat has already said, this is an amazing singer\songwriter group
- Death from Above 1979 - You're A Woman I'm A Machine - how can you say no to an indie-thrash band wearing Elephant trunk masks :p
- Buck 65 - Talkin' Honkey Blues - the best indie-rap out right now, and he's Canadian! :D
- Atmosphere - Seven's Travels - the second best indie-rap group going. They'll be really big soon, trust me. :)

Edit: Added album names. :)
Green Day's newest CD - American Idiot. A CD I actually bought - I liked it that much. 8)
My taste varies quite a bit. From industrial metal to all kind of electronic music, and rock, even reggae, jazz and blues.
Right now one of my favorites is a Swedish band called Tiamat, but only old albums: Wildhoney (dark metal, and what a vocal!) and Deeper Kind Of Slumber (IMHO a masterpiece. have been listening to this frequently for over a year, and can't get tired). The latter one is not so much of a metal, but somehow depressing, even philosophical sound :) That's how it sound's to me anyway...

Other ones I like are Apocalyptica(who knew cellos can ROCK?!), Audioslave, The White Stripes, Coldplay. Last ones are probably a little too mainstream, but still good ones in my opinion (which doesn't happen that often).
Occasionly I listen to some old Pink Floyd stuff, Rammstein, Massive Attack, Underworld.

Right now donwloading Damien Rice - O :) and Sixteen Horsepower - Folklore (some kind of dark-country thingy, heard only one track yet).
MXM said:
Right now donwloading Damien Rice - O :) and Sixteen Horsepower - Folklore (some kind of dark-country thingy, heard only one track yet).
Sixteen Horsepower are absolutely amazing!

Folklore is one of their best albums too (actually, the more I think about it, I'd say it is their best album). It's a bizzare combination of fire and brimstone evangilism with gothic alt-country song writing. I'd also highly recommend their album 'Low Estate'. :)
Allright! This thread already works for me :) Will burn new stuff on mp3-cd in the morning and will have something new to listen in the car.

Yeah, and I remembered some more. I also like some stuff of The Music (yes, that's how band is called :)) "Getaway" is good example. And for some weird reason I really like Gavin Friday - Shag Tobacco :) Actually a single track called "Caruso"... well actually "You, Me And World War Three" is pretty good too. It creates an atmosphere of some 1920's cabaret with great deep dramatic Irish voice. Not usually my "cup of tea", but this one works.
We have some real good taste on this forum :) At the moment I'm listening to some old classics in the form of Brothers In Arms and a lot of Pink Floyd, esp DSOTM.

Also, as a bit of shameless self promotion, check out my band at and let me know what you think. The website is really poor as I just threw it together and can;t code to save my life (i'm a designer, not a coder :)), but I'm hoping that it's enough to show off out music. :)
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I'm recently into classic metal and rock - Pink Floyd, The Who, 3 Dog Night, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabby, Guns N Roses.

Velver revolver is pretty good though with slash in it.
I guess this goes here too. I have a Clavinova and want to connect it to my pc and start recording/editing/composing. What do I need? Which software runs on my pc (PIII, CPU 600mhz, 128ram, XP)? I suppose I need a MIDI cable? In sum, anyone here experienced with this?
^ If the Clavinova has a MIDI-Out (I assume it probably does), all you need is a MIDI-to-joystick convertor cable to plug into your computer. It's just a cable that has a MIDI port on one end and the type of connector a PC joystick uses on the other. They are really easy to find at any music store.

The most popular MIDI software out there is Cakewalk. If you want to do scores, I'd recommend a program called Encore. There is a tonne of freeware MIDI software out there though. Just search around and try a few out. :)
I tend to use Cubase SX3 and Sibelius 3. These two programs tend to do just about everything you need. For a multitrack editor, a good program is Adobe Audition, which is an update of Cool Edit Pro.

These are the professional programs. There is also a good rack simulator program called Reason. This is an awesome app too. Check as many out as you can, most of them have free personal editions though may be able to help you out for the pro versions ;)

Best of luck with it all.
Looks like thread isn't very popular :|

Ok, my recent finding:
The Walkabouts - Drunken Soundtracks
I quite like it, worth listening.
^ Ya, with all the people so interested in getting songs in Top Gear identified, I figured we'd have more music fans here.

I'm still listening to the same stuff I listed at the beginning of the thread, but you can add the new Eminem CD ('Encore') to the list. So far I don't like it as much as 'The Eminem Show', but it's still pretty good. :)
MXM said:
You didn't buy it, didn't you? Justin will be pissed ;)
Well, I'm also listening to the Beastie Boys and Pedro the Lion, who are even more outspoken about their view on Bush than Eminem.

At the Beastie Boys concert I was at about a month ago, they played a video they made with Will Ferrell playing George Bush - it was so hilarious. :D
It Takes Time to Build is a pretty good track. One of the better ones on the new album.
Last time I saw NOFX, they played a whole set dedicated to the ignorance and stupidity of Bush. It was hilarious (and strangely enough, quite touching in places)! :)
I saw NOFX back in '95... It may be crappy pop punk, but they sure did a better job at it than all these newer bands like Busted and Sum 41. *puke face*
Rammstein -Amerika, it's topping the charts now, I liked them since I've first heard of them, with their 2nd album in 1997, Sehnsucht.

I like this song a lot, it's good, addicting, and has a nice message :)

I listen to pretty much everything, but I like Metallica, HIM, Nightwish, Rammstein, Dream Theater, In Flames, Linkin Park, Pantera, Moby, System of a Down etc...