The Music Thread

I figure, I'm either in a room with a running computer, in the other room with the wall-mounted gas furnace next to the kitchen with the refridgerator...or I'm in my car, driving...or I'm at work listening at low volume. At the time I only has a 500GB hard drive, so 256 was the compromise. Had I had a larger hard drive to start with, I would have just done 320.

However, I will admit to having waaaay too much stuff that I don't see myself listening to. Stuff I got for free as a promo copy when I worked at a record store, for example. Or songs I don't care for from movie soundtracks. However, I have it in my head that someone is going to ask me to pull together a soundtrack for a film/movie/tv show and I'm going to have as much as possible from as many different genres as I can, no matter what. *laughs* There's some weird shit on here. I never let anyone just go through and pick random stuff to listen to. I ask that they only do it while i'm here so I can be their guide.
ah, we both have a 500GB hard drives. (too small for me, but it's a small-ish laptop I got for my b-day) :D

By the way, .AAC format has better compression than .MP3, even though it's a higher quality codec.
However, I think if you were to convert your MP3s to AAC, it would take a really really long time, considering your collection.
That, and, I don't know much about it, but every thing is an mp3 .aac compatibility just as ubiquitous?
That, and, I don't know much about it, but every thing is an mp3 .aac compatibility just as ubiquitous?

It's the official iTunes codec.

However, a few mp3 players (like my Sansa) can't play AAC files.

The reason I use AAC is because my Nintendo DSi only plays that format. lol

The 3DS will play both mp3 and aac, thankfully~
I never knew what the lyrics were, or what they meant. Internet be awesome. I think it might just catch on.

This now takes the place of my favourite remix from Night of The Hunter (Flood Remix).

Immense track :D
Something very unusual but still with surprising results. I love church organs and electronic music, so this was an instant case of like it a lot! Does anyone have other suggestions of electronic music played on a similar manner? Not only organs, but essentially anything non-electronic...


I'm not usually much for female lead singers, their lyrics always seem to come off a bit clingy, and their performances shallow to me. This girl though, she is extremely talented, I have a feeling she'll go far. Crazy voice control!
[video=youtube;z-9zBt2bo5s][/video] This song was released on the yesterday and is f*cking amazing!
Just curious, what kind of playlists (not the songs, but the names that describe the theme/genre of the playlists) do you divide your library into? I'm thinking of separating them between different types of tasks where I listen to music, ie. Study/Focus, Sleep/Relax, Cardio/Workout, Commute, etc., but wanted to put out for some suggestions on what you use.
Shuffle entire playlist, or I put on the album I'm in the mood to listen to. :p I'm simple.
WorkoutRap, WorkoutMetal, WorkoutElectronica, BootyMix, Driving Music, Independent Hip-Hop, Acoustic Guitar, Baroque, Chamber Music, Rococo, Harpsichord, Organ, Russian Composers, and various Party mixes. Mostly I listen to full albums start to finish.

Thoughts? Maybe I'll go see these guys next Friday.