Gran Turismo 5

That R35 in the rain video is pretty ridiculous.

That green and gold vehicle on the right, two cars behind the Discovery really does look like a Chevy Astro....

I dunno... the Astro is more boxy. I thought Daihatsu Move but the rear window doesn't match.

Damn 90s generic minivans...

B-pillar/2nd window line doesn't look right for the Aerostar.

Do those even still exist?
It's probably a Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager. The shape of the rear looks a lot like it, but can't be sure without a higher-res pic. Also, it would make sense for the Nissan, as the Honda Odyssey was in 4. And to get the Mercury all they'd have to do is change the badges, as they were built in the same plant.

Do those even still exist?

Yes, but barely. I have a dead one in my driveway.
Yes, but barely. I have a dead one in my driveway.

Ah. I see.

Also, another fun idea from GTPlanet forums.

Download the Excel spreadsheet in the opening post, and enjoy. Although its probably best to wait for a refined version with the full car/track list.

Also, I don't think its a Villager/Quest. B-Pillar looks wrong again. And the overall shape took.

Finally remembered the car its been reminding me of all this time. An early Mazda MPV.
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Headlight height, reae wheel position and basic design match
Played the game at Bathurst very briefly. It WILL be worth the wait. ;)
I'm gonna start this post off by saying that whats to come is a joke.... in case anyone gets over excited and then offended...

The full GT5 car has been revealed!!!
I pre-ordered the normal version, ?25 more for the collectors edition makes no sense IMO.
Is there still no news on a US bundle?

It's coming out in only 3 weeks and since they already announced the Japanese and Euro bundles, I doubt they have time to announce a bundle for NA. :(