In my pants!


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Apr 19, 2011
T?sberg, Norway
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This game is a great hit on another forum i participate on. It's fairly easy - you just put your music-thingie (say MP3, Spotify and such) to shuffle. The first (or so) song you play you write here followed by "in my pants." It's fairly childish, but enormous fun and timeconsuming.

EDIT: To specify, the point is doing this one song per post, thats more fun - if you find it hillarious feel free to play the game for yourself and choose the best from that whatever period, but its more fun for others with one song per post.

I'll start: The Island in my pants.
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hammer smashed face in my pants.
Doctor Oz in my pants.

(Thanks, Amanda Palmer..)
He's a pirate in my pants.
You Give Love A Bad Name in my pants

Also, like Blackout said, this should be in the games forum
Change in my pants.

@Adunaphel: Thankyou! I tried searching for it, found nothing.
Zoo in my pants

Kids in my pants...

I don't like this game :p
Rocket in my pants.

More than a woman in my pants
Bang it in my pants
Exodus in my pants
Dreams in my pants
Ghetto in my pants
Intro in my pants
Go crazy in my pants
Get ya shit together in my pants
Rock box in my pants
Carry out in my pants
Aston Martin Music in my pants
Hell on Earth in my pants
The vapors in my pants
What's happenin in my pants
Blood is the price of glory in my pants.