Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

200 a year? Or 200 for the overall life of this design?

I don't quite get the A/S/RS designation... what's the difference between the S4 and RS4? Which one competes with the M3 (I guess the forthcoming model)? Is S closer to the A cars or to the RS?
There are only 200 RS4s imported to Canada. Be careful :p

Wow, then that makes RS4's quite rare in Canada.......once again, I guess it really depends on which areas these cars are located
The S4 has the 4.2 V8, 340hp, 0-60 in about 5.4 and MSRP is about $55K. RS4 is the supreme-hardcore-earth destroying version, with 420hp, a second or so faster to 60, and starts around $70K.
What about the Audi S6 with 435 HP (5,3 sec), and the S8 with 450 HP (5,1 sec) ? :D
200 a year? Or 200 for the overall life of this design?

Yeah, 200 sounds like a pretty small number... I've seen quite a few around. Also saw a new blue S6 the other day. They don't look that aggressive, had to have a second look to realize what it was.

Can't remember if I posted this already...
Is that on Georgia?

I think Jeremy quoted a similar number for RS4s being brought to the UK... although 200/year sounds even less for the UK. So don't quote me...
Yeah Alok... that's a blatant mistake. Look before you ask newb. :p
Yeah, can't see how else an Accord would go up to 220 mph. :D

I saw a white 1-Series today... I read on here that they were gonna bring 'em over but didn't know it was being done so quickly:

Also a CLS55 at school, undoubetly owned by some undeserving (compared to me) Chinese kid:

Don't know what barge of a car this was:

Convertible M3 in Wasabi Yellow with matching hardtop... I know it's not rare but I like the colour:

Pretty 'standard' M6:
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Could someone identify the tiny grey car next to the Porsche? I don?t know it...it?s quite small, size of a Corsa.....

much too small :), wasn?t able to do a side shot....I was driving ;) but it has the size of an Corsa A or Beetle (1)....


Found it!

Opel Kadett 1! 1936-1946!


Now that?s a rare spot over here!
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I don't get to see many ///M cars, but the one day I see a lovely black Z4M, I forget to take my phone.
I don't get to see many ///M cars, but the one day I see a lovely black Z4M, I forget to take my phone.

I see the car often at a friends house neighbourhood...and do you realy thing it looks good? i mean no offence but i think it looks horrible...;)
Looks are subjective but I agree B33R, the Z4 is the ugly duckling of the overall ugly BMW range. It's definitely the most hideous of them all, both in coupe and drop-top form.