Ownership Verified: Two Wheeled Bliss ['99 Honda VFR800]

I would be interested to hear if it is actually better :)

I had bought the same Double Bubble windscreen for the Blind's VFR800 a few years ago. You can ask him on the before and after (I've only started riding the VFR after we've installed the windscreen), but so far, no buffeting here. :)

I will be giving a full report once I get it installed. I also ordered some Givi E360N knock-off's from JCWhitney to replace the one's Spectre's loaned me. I keep promising myself to get my ?hlins rear shock overhauled too. That'll probably be the Viffer's Christmas gift. :mrgreen:
Finally got around to doing the windscreen replacement and took her out for a quick spin tonight (it's been over two weeks since I've ridden with being busy and all this shit weather :( ).

Old windscreen, lots of damage, it's not lead an easy life over nearly 78k miles.


New :D


I can report that the windscreen does make a difference in the buffeting, but I haven't spent any time on the highway with it yet.
Looks great! It's amazing what the little things do to the appearance of the bike.
I've now passed 78k, at 78,100 now. Rode in a nasty soaker yesterday and can report that the Knox Zero Outdry gloves are excellent and my cheapo CL-find, first gen First Gear Kilimanjaro is indeed waterproof.

Also, paid a visit to CJ's to get some of his bikes their Texas inspections. I rode the XR650L and it was fucking awesome. So, I've reaffirmed my need of a sumo/dual sport/adventure bike.

And I got my spare motor! I promise there's a motor under there :p
Had to replace some bulbs in my multi-function display and so Spectre and I replaced those yesterday. I was reminded of the joys of a fully-faired bike since I had to remove *all* the fairings except the rear (Audi full-service position)...unfortunately, I also noticed that coolant has been leaking again.

Seems like one of the hose clamps backed off a bit, so we checked/tightened all the accessible ones and hopefully that will solve the issue.

Mmmm...coolant and bee. :p


I've also crossed 79k now as well :mrgreen:
Well duh, if you have a coolant leak you'll attract bees. :p
Der Stig,

I purchased a '98 VFR800 in August 2014. I purchased from the original owner with just over 5,624 miles. I rode a little this weekend and turned over the 8,460 mark.

I own a '99 BMW R1100S that I have Ohl?ns on, and I would really like to find a rebuildable one for my VFR. Any chances you'd be willing to part with yours? I expect to own and ride the bike for decades and having a good shock is one of my top priorities.
HellFishTat: I'm a friend of Der Stig's, so I'll post in his work-induced absence so you don't have to wait. I don't think he's interested in selling the Ohlins (I'm sure he'll post up if I'm wrong about that) but I've messaged the Ohlins rep that's going to be rebuilding DS's unit to see if he has any suggestions as to where to get an Ohlins for your bike. It may be possible for him to make one out of parts, we'll see.
Just heard back from the Ohlins rep. Not terribly encouraging:

Not that I am aware of.

---Quote (Originally by Spectre)---
Oddly, this just came across my desk as well - someone on one of my other forums is also looking for an Ohlins for a 98 VFR800 - I know Ohlins doesn't technically make them for the bike any more, is there any other source or option for these?
---End Quote---

I suggest camping eBay and VFRWorld as well as the other VFR forums.
This sucks.
there is one "reportedly" that will fit our bike on eBay. It's in France and I'm very leary of paying $1400 for it.

I can not believe that there is not a compatible shock that will fit. I have written Ohlins too, including the guys in Hendersonville, NC how rebuilt mine. They all say the same thing, nothing available for a 5th Gen VFR. I think I am going to try to find dimensions on the stock unit and start asking more questions. I'm not opposed to buying from Racetech etc, I just want a shock that can be rebuilt as I need it. I don't want to spend my hard earned duckies $$$ for something that's not top quality.
S46HR1C1S ... S (single Tube) 46 (piston diameter) H (Monotube high pressure gas type, hose mounted external reservoir) R1 (Adjustable rebound damping. Adjuster wheel on end-eye) C1 (Adjustable compression damping. Adjuster on reservoir), S (Hose mounted hydraulic spring preload adjuster).

I can't believe they don't have one that's compatible.

according to this page, the Super Tenere is the same shock....

In short, yes. :p