Ownership Verified: CraigB's Correct-Wheel-Drive Lesbaru (2013 Subaru BRZ)

It also helps the photo is taken with a potato

Welp... at 272,510 miles Uncle Rodney came a knocking. I was out on the dragstrip running up and down trying to dry out the damp spots and in the middle of 2nd gear I heard a rattle, followed by the engine shutting off. I coasted to a stop, pressed the start button and heard the sickening sound of rod knock. I'll get it home tomorrow, try and get it into the shop and see what I can figure out. A sad day, but one we all knew might happen.

Looking at different options, but honestly, a new short block from Subaru might be the best thing to do. Slap these heads on and send it again.


Well, you can’t say it died due to normal use. :D

But, not a bad run at all. Great to hear it will live to die another day.
Well, you can’t say it died due to normal use. :D

But, not a bad run at all. Great to hear it will live to die another day.

After reading all the way through @EyeMWing 's original thread and my own, the car lived the way one of these should and, will continue once get it going again. Luckily a short block is fairly cheap, hope to have it in the shop tomorrow afternoon for tear down and inspection. As long as the heads are good, we are in good shape.
You know it's time for a 2JZ swap...

Got the car into the shop today, fought to get the manifold/cats out of the way to pull the pan. Pan dropped and well...

View: https://youtu.be/76i7qZpPF0Y
Then I was able to barely get my fingers up past all the weirdness below a Subaru crank to find the #3 (right rear) rod bearing has indeed spun. Odd that someone on a BRZ/GT86/FRS/QZDLFM group on Reddit said it would be that one. Wonder if there's a fix for this or if they were just had a lucky guess?


Oil pan will be replaced and the crossmember cleaned and painted.


All that glitters, ain't necessarily gold.


Also want to spruce up the engine bay, and everything that goes back in, while the engine is out. There was even a nice little mouse nest under then intake manifold.


It's out and I only missed one thing... The grounding strap, it will need replaced.


How you all deal with living in rusty areas, I have no idea. Every fastener on this thing fought me tooth and nail.


Might also replace that little "over pipe" with an aftermarket while the engine is out. It's only accessible at this point. As stated above, cleaning and tidying up will take place. There was a leak on the left hand side of the engine that's coated that side of the bay with schmoo....

Anyway, keep an eye here while I spend lots of money on an old, worn car.... :ROFLMAO:
We deal with the rust because playing on snow is fun! :driving:
*and* what's left of the original engine gets to come home with me - where I intend to revive its shambling corpse and force it to continue its labor. In what? I have *definitely* not planned that far ahead.
Today I took on a task that I've wanted to do fora long while now. Polishing the headlights.

How they started:


The what have I done stage:


The much better stage:


They aren't perfect, but this should allow more light to make it to the road. Meanwhile I would like to try wet sanding the front bumper while I'm waiting for the engine. Also still need to roll the car out and pressure wash the engine bay, clean up any rust and paint anything that's in need.