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Aww. Not notable outside of the "youtube guitar" circle, but I just learned that "China Guitar Sceptic" Mike passed away about 2 weeks ago.

Just one year ago he learned the reason he was having some trouble with talking and some motor skills: ALS, the same disease that guitarist Jason Becker has, and Stephen Hawkin had.

His most recent video:

He was never flashy, never engaged in youtube drama, never had click-bait thumbnails or video titles that weren't truthful. Just seemed like a really, genuinely nice dude who loved guitars and music, and liked to share it on youtube for fun.
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"But it's honest work" Farmer Dave

They're good farmers, brandt.
Mixed feelings on Rolf. I basically grew up with him on TV here in the UK, presenting Animal Hospital on the BBC. Real shame that things went the way they did, I suppose it's a shame that he ever got away with whatever he did and went on to become popular.
That's likely why his death has been pretty quiet. I haven't heard it mentioned in media at all.
I know you aren't supposed to be happy that someone died, so....... uh......

Yeah, don't speak ill of the dead, yadda yadda.