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The ^ < V Game

^ Currently firing his lazor
< Wishes people would stop using "is wrong" to describe ^, as it defeats the objective of the game
V Edits Wikipedia
^ Has a weird avatar
< is playing NFS: Underground now
V Doesn't really like NFS: Underground as much as TDU
^Is wrong, but Underground 2 is better. ^ should also replace his PS2
< Thinks ^ meant Undercover
V Won't have a clue what we're on about
^ Is wrong.
< Knows all about the latest Juiced games...
V Really doesn't know what I'm on about.
^ check what ticks?
< is waiting for GTA IV
V loves Alfa 156 GTA Sportwagon
^ is partially right :<
< has a brakes problem in his bicycle
v is hearing music right now
^ has a great bike
< has a good bike
V has no bike
^ Likes Porsches
< Wishes I was fluent in Chinese right now
V Has the letter A in username
^ is three times right! :p
< is seriously close to being an anime fanboi
v also has the letter A in his username
^ Is secretly Captain Obvious
< Just woke up
v has had his faith in humanity well and truly destroyed, and his faith in the future of humanity not much better...
^ has bad English
< ??????
V does not understand what I've posted
^ Just wrote some gibberish in Chinese
< ??????????
v might know which language was that